Social Care Awards 2023

12 GHP Social Care Awards 2023 Jes Care Services (Jes Care) was established in 2015 with a dream of providing the community of Oxfordshire with the highest standard of care in the friendliest of atmospheres – and to become a major player within the industry.Well on the way to accomplishing just that, we got in touch with Registered Manager to learn more about this award-winning care company and the significant success it has achieved. Leading Provider of Palliative Care - Oxfordshire es Care Services has indeed come a long way over the years. Having brought renowned shareholders on board who share the same aspiration as this extraordinary care company, its ever-growing success has been bolstered. Registered Manager at Jes Care, and she tells us, “Our main goal as a care company was to stamp our foot as a major homecare provider in Oxfordshire, thus, as we work with numerous clients including private and public, we also work hand in hand with social care organisations in the area.” Though Jes Care caters for different age groups, its main focus remains on providing a vast range of care to Over 18s and above, including Complex Care, NMD, Autism & Dementia, live-in care, short term care, hospital to home care, palliative care, companion care, and End of life Care. The Registered Manager, alongside her team, is highly motivated and experienced in the Care Sector, as shares, “Having worked as a carer myself in the respite care sector where I looked after young adults with different health needs, both in mental health, Autism and dementia settings, experience guided me in understanding that care should be approached from a very person-centred perspective – in a holistic approach, with dignity, compassion, and respect as key attributes.” This helps us to Mentor our New Employees and Culture them in the way we desire Care to be delivered. “We as the care team ought to provide care to our service users as if we are providing care to our own family with love, dignity, and respect, showing kindness at all times.” With a motto of “We do whatever it takes to bring you peace of mind”, the Jes Care team’s dedication to going above and beyond in everything they do truly enables client families to rest assured that their loved ones are in safe hands. Following core values of trust, kindness, friendliness, Empathy, professionalism, and expertise, Jes Care’s services are consistently delivered to the highest standard. A key contributor to maintaining these high standards is indeed the team’s person-centred approach, ensuring that every client is viewed as a unique individual and catering to their specific needs. Also crucial is compassion in ensuring only the very best for the company’s clients, with the team always keeping this value at the forefront. In the Manager’s words: “By saying ‘compassion’ at Jes Care, we mean ensuring that we respect our clients, showing empathy and dignity, ensuring they have involvement in their own care, and always being kind, not just to our clients, but also to their families and our colleagues.” When it comes to adding new staff members to the team, Jes Care looks for those who have a hunger and zeal for delivering care, and who are driven by natural instincts and willing to learn and go beyond their limits to ensure the comfort of others. We offer good pay packages to our staff members and remain one of the best paying home care companies in Oxfordshire, which can prove beneficial to carers due to the cost of living being so high down south. “We have inspired our community by bringing flexibility to our services through short- and long-term contracts, small and large hours, enabling mothers of school age to work while their children are at school, we base it on our employees’ needs.” In addition, the company makes work life easy for its team by providing transport where possible through company cars and trying its best to consider personal responsibilities when rostering. This may not always be possible, but Jes Care’s team, especially its new international staff, have always voiced their comments as to how the system has helped them a lot in adapting to work life and settling in the country. While Jes Care is an outstanding company that highly successful, that’s not to say that it doesn’t have its challenges. Meeting up with time schedules can be a challenge due to Road works. The company doesn’t let these hurdles faze it, though, facing every challenge head on in order to make sure its top-notch standard of care doesn’t falter. As a growing company, Jes Care’s sights are now set on the bright future ahead of it, where it will aim to increase its client base and contribute to the everevolving needs of its community. As part of this, it plans to explore neighbouring Counties and Rural Oxfordshire to offer its services. But first, This Team feels it’s necessary to take a moment to bask in the glory of the company’s success within the Social Care Awards 2023, stating, “It’s very important that while our CQC rating remains high, Jes Care continues to aim for even higher standards, so winning this award means a lot for not just the company, but a motivation to our care staff who are the wheels that drive this success. Hence, I would like to take this opportunity to thank our beloved Care team, Clients, and Client families and All Stakeholders who includes are our Local Hospitals and Professional Colleagues that make our work possible.” Company: Jes Care Services Contact: S. Sibanda, Registered Manager Email: [email protected] Website: J Jan23362