Social Care Awards 2023

13 GHP Social Care Awards 2023 Senta Sharp Counselling is a private practice that offers online and in-person counselling and coaching to support those who are struggling with mental health, trauma, grief, and more. We take a closer look at its approach after its recognition in the Social Care Awards 2023. In recent years we have come to discover that our mental health is just as important as our physical health. Emotions are not easy to hide and learning how to regulate, process, and share them is valuable to the wellbeing of your inner world and your relationships with others. Senta Sharp Counselling was established in 2019 by Senta Sharp, who has 20 years of experience in communication and consulting in corporate settings. This together with counselling and psychotherapy training, her practice provides in-person and online counselling to individuals, couples, families, and other relationships throughout Australia. Its clients reach out for support for a wide range of issues such as mental health, trauma, grief, fertility issues, adjusting to disability, chronic pain, life transitions in relationships, career challenges, and burnout. Senta shares, “I help people develop strategies to navigate the profound effect of their issues on relationships, and build assertiveness, self-esteem, and confidence in communicating.” When life difficulties get in the way and it begins to affect one’s mental health, it may also have an effect on the relationships with those they love most; what may seem like a failing relationship could also be a warning sign that one or both people in the relationship are struggling in some way. Seeking support is the first step towards unearthing the reason behind the current challenges in a relationship. Senta Sharp Counselling works as a facilitator to get to the root of the problem and find a solution to bring positive change to its clients’ lives. In addition, it offers its consulting services to businesses, medical, and allied health professionals. Senta’s experience positions her to have the knowledge needed to guide clients who struggle with professional and personal relationships. As a consequence, it may negatively affect their success and performance, so Senta Sharp Counselling aims to provide its clients with a deeper understanding of cognitive, emotional, and behavioural issues, and assist them with ethical conduct and conflicts in order to develop ethically competent practice. Senta Sharp Counselling approaches each client differently; with psychology theories in mind, it seeks to understand the client’s thinking and behaviour. Senta explains, “The real work lies in connecting, forming a strong bond and trust, and paying close attention to what a client’s particular needs are. No two clients are alike; their life experience, personality, challenges, and mental health form a unique situation and so it requires a lot of flexibility in finding the right approach to support a client through difficult discoveries, Best Couples Counselling Service 2023 - Brisbane Jan23304 challenge unhelpful mindsets, encourage them to change, and give them space to explore freely.” In the last two years the need for counselling and psychology services has increased dramatically. Now more than ever, trauma informed care is very important. This forms a focus for Senta Sharp Counselling, so it must adapt to the common issues and topics to provide its clients with the necessary support. Senta is constantly learning through these changes and her professional development is driven through training, conversations, and reflecting with other practitioners in Australia and other parts of the world. Organisations’ recognition of the need to provide their staff with therapeutic support is growing, with an increase in demand and employees making use of support reflecting how essential it is. To which Senta says, “As a therapist, I find it very rewarding to be able to provide quality care for people who may not otherwise have easy access to therapeutic support.” Ultimately, Senta Sharp Counselling’s excellent services provide its clients with the tools needed to get back on track and work through struggles they may not be able to deal with alone. Its great work at doing so has recently been recognised within the Social Care Awards 2023 as Best Couples Counselling Service 2023 – Brisbane. Contact: Senta Sharp Company: Senta Sharp Counselling Web Address: