Social Care Awards 2023

4 “We believe that in order to provide the best service, a mix of diligence, professionalism, and consideration is needed.” The backbone of SylvianCare is its enthusiasm for excellence. Cristina says, “A dedication to showing kindness, compassion, and empathy to clients in all of our contacts with them because we think these traits are crucial for delivering high-quality treatment.” We need care systems that truly prioritise making life better for people, and we’re proud to present SylvianCare with the title of Best Night & Live-In Care Services Home, Berkshire, as it continues to help its myriad of clients. Cristina goes on to say, “As the population continues to age and more individuals need assistance to live independently in their own homes, another phenomenon that is having an impact on our business is the rising need for home care services. “By increasing our services and making investments in technology and resources, we are trying to keep up with this demand and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of our care.” SylvianCare encourages people to be themselves, promotes emotional and physical wellbeing, and helps others to improve their quality of life. The team believes in the positive affect all of its services can have on an individual, and their loved ones, and they always push for greatness. The monumental force behind the company is astounding as it continues to adapt. Utilising technology and advancements in the care industry, SylvianCare ensures it keeps its finger on the pulse. Not only staying ahead by continually training its staff but always finding ways to concentrate on raising people’s quality of life, SylvianCare shows its true colours on a daily basis. Its award-winning night and live-in care transforms people’s lives, encourages them to be happier, and allows them to live a fulfilling life. With regards to the future, Silviu enthuses, “Our goals for the upcoming year include bringing on more franchisees to the SylvianCare family in order to increase our footprint across the UK. We think that by giving our franchisees the tools and resources they require to be successful; we can ensure that we are providing the best possible care to a wider range of individuals and families in need of our services.” SylvianCare is going to continue improving all its services so that people can feel comfortable, happy, and cared for. Treating everyone with the utmost respect, and being as compassionate as it is, SylvianCare has a special place in people’s hearts. We are all aware of how important care is, so that our loved ones – and us – can feel secure, prioritised, and, of course, understood. Congratulations to the team at SylvianCare. Contact: Silviu Pop Company: SylvianCare Web Address: Needing care is something that we may all experience at some point, and not everyone has the capacity to look after their loved ones. SylvianCare is a domiciliary care company that is driven by compassion, empathy, and respect. Here we talk with Silviu Pop and Cristina Grancea, Managing Directors of SylvianCare, as this outstanding organisation wins its title in the Social Care Awards 2023. Trusting other people with our loved one’s care can be a tricky and sensitive subject and, perhaps, we may end up in a situation where we don’t have anyone who can look after us the way we need to be cared for. SylvianCare has a zest for life. It is a domiciliary care organisation that always puts its clients first by prioritising quality on a daily basis. Its Managing Director, Silviu Pop, tells us, “Care has been at the heart of our success as we understand that our duty of care is not simply reserved for our clients, but extends to our staff and our front-line care providers, all of whom have been crucial to the growth of our business.” We have all been through a lot in these past few years. Although the world seemed to come to a standstill, care couldn’t simply stop. These front-line workers have served the country tremendously throughout the pandemic, and the team has won the recognition that they deserve. We’re celebrating SylvianCare’s win for its commitment to keeping people safe and happy throughout such difficult times. The entire team receive regular training for personal and professional development, so as to stay ahead of the curve and keep their skills fresh. They all abide by strict industry standards and rules, which results in coordination and collaboration that runs like a well-oiled machine. They each monitor and effectively innovate the processes and services on offer to clients, so that each and every one of them can get the best care available on the market. Silviu says, “Keeping our mission, vision, and values in mind, our team culture is set to prioritise our clients, making sure that we give the best home care that they deserve. Having team members who are highly empathetic, compassionate, and professional, their care for our clients keeps them motivated.” Aside from the global pandemic, SylvianCare always works hard to provide top-tier care to a wide variety of clients. Its night care, reablement, end-of-life care, and dementia care is second to none in its area, and its joint Managing Directors, Silviu Pop and Cristina Grancea know exactly how to run a tight ship. With many years of social work and nursing behind them, they both understand how to care for SylvianCare’s clients effectively and compassionately. Best Night & Live-In Care Services Home – Berkshire