Social Care Awards 2024

10 Established in 2008, Kriel Occupational Health Centre is a 100% black, female-owned independent service provider who specialises in the unwavering medical surveillance and wellness of employees. In its pursuit of filling a pressing gap in the occupational health sector, the collective has managed to establish itself as a dependable companion across both the miningandconstructionindustries.Leveraging its immense amount of expertise, in tandem with its knack for delivering compassionate care, Kriel Occupational Health Centre has become Mpumalanga’s definitive option for those seeking a considerate occupational health service provider. nspired by the drive to provide quality, affordable, and comprehensive occupational health services to clients, Kriel Occupational Health Centre has quickly amassed quite the reputation across the region of Southern Africa. Founded and operated by a force of exceptionally talented women of colour, the centre has proven capable of not only setting a benchmark, but exceeding even its own expectations. This is made possible through the company’s overarching commitment to excellence and quality, complete with legal compliance. As such, each client is able to benefit from a more specific, more optimised service that truly honours their needs as employees. However, if it weren’t for its values, Kriel Occupational Health Centre may not have even managed to reach where it finds itself today. Since its inception, the collective has prioritised delivering all of its services with loyalty, reliability, and absolute professionalism. As such, it has become the definitive solution for those seeking legal compliance in regard to medical screening for fitness to work, travel health, and employee wellness – one that leverages its head of team’s status as a qualified Occupational Medical Doctor to promise such an invaluable attribute. Additionally, Kriel Occupational Health Centre is one of the region’s few companies that holds country-wide certifications, with its compliance remaining in line with the latest requirements. In turn, Kriel Occupational Health Centre has positioned itself in the perfect spot to provide occupational health services to the immediate businesses in need of them, with its specialty encompassing that of local mines within the area, as well as outlying rural communities and businesses stretching across Southern Africa. Partnered with the fact that Kriel Occupational Health Centre has spent its years tirelessly working to develop a framework that allows for situationspecific solutions, the collective now boasts an incredibly personal methodology that has served both it and its clients exceptionally well. And yet, it has gone one step further, and has adapted technologically advanced medical equipment into its services to provide accurate testing, results, and reporting to all manner of clients. But just what does Kriel Occupational Health Centre offer in terms of said services? Fundamentally, its medical surveillance takes the form of a planned programme that compiles periodic medical screening for fitness to work. Whether this includes audio, lung function, medical questionnaires, urinalysis, vision screening and examination, chest x-rays, or drug abuse tests, its procedures seek to ensure the overall wellbeing of a workforce, with minimal disruption to workflow. In carrying out these screenings, Kriel Occupational Health Centre assists companies with controlling health risks, while preventing, detecting, and treating any occupational diseases that may arise. Regardless of whether it’s carrying out medical surveillance before, during, or following employment, Kriel Occupational Health Centre prides itself on its ability to ensure the quality of life of each individual admitted into its care. Though it’s essential to remain compliant with regulations, Kriel Occupational Health Centre goes that little bit further to deliver services that are both critical and compassionate. In doing so, it’s equipped itself with the tools to manage a myriad of conditions, be they only potential occurrences or oncoming struggles. Combined with its wellness campaigns and screening in regard to vaccinations, health education, weight management, and much more, Kriel Occupational Health Centre ensures each client retains their dignity throughout their employment journey. With dedicated offices located in both Mpumalanga and Gauteng, and two mobile clinics that are able to be deployed wherever they may be needed, Kriel Occupational Health Centre promises an accessibility that is a requirement when tackling occupational health requirements. As such, it’s no surprise that it has earned itself such an exceptional level of renown across Southern Africa as a whole. In tandem with the collective’s brimming level of expertise, be it through a commitment to remaining compliant with occupational health and safety regulations or holding qualifications in abundance, Kriel Occupational Health Centre has established a presence that’s impossible to overlook. As a magazine dedicated to recognising the best of the healthcare industry, GHP Magazine is pleased to shed some light on Kriel Occupational Health Centre. Carrying out essential work for those who have been often times overlooked is where it specialises, and it manages to do so while maintaining an exceptional level of kindness and compassion that only further compliments its professionalism. It’s for this very reason that Kriel Occupational Health Centre has been recognised time and time again, and why we believe no other collective is more than deserving of this award. We truly believe Kriel Occupational Health Centre brings something special to Southern Africa’s health sphere, and we’re eager to see its exciting growth strategy come to fruition as we venture further into 2024. Contact: Patience Lindi Mokwena Company: Kriel Occupational Health Centre Web Address: Best Occupational Health Service Provider 2024 - Mpumalanga I