Social Care Awards 2024

15 GHP Social Care Awards 2024 Experts in providing a person-centred care approach that is wholly tailored around the specific needs of the individual, Olive Home Care proudly employs this suite of services throughout the West Sussex region, extending also to the areas of Medway, Kent, London, and the surrounding counties. Guided by a relentless passion to demonstrably enhance one’s quality of life through personalised care services, this domiciliary organisation is also registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) body, highlighting an unwavering commitment to excellence that is embodied by a highly competent and well-trained staffing team. Bolstered by the slogan, “Quality Care, Tailored to your Needs”, the methods adopted by this team to continuously exceed this promise of quality revolve around ongoing training and support, with all members being afforded regular supervision and support so as to assure that they are capable and confident when it comes to going above and beyond for their patients at every turn. Elaborating further on the results of this approach, Scott explains to us, “we provide regular reviews to all individual’s care needs and adapt when appropriate and necessary”, once more showcasing the business’ renowned holistic approach to its clients’ health and wellbeing. Since the service that Olive Home Care provides is entirely domiciliary, it is much easier to attain the desired level of patient wellbeing than if they were moved into a specific residential care environment. Thanks to the comfort of their own homes and the familiarity of these surroundings, not only is as much independence as possible provided, but family and friends are free to visit and spend time with the client without any restrictions. The benefits of such an approach are endless, but above all, the overarching feeling garnered is that the care provided is being done so willingly by people who truly cherish the individual, rather than them being forced into a residential care system where they may feel alienated or restricted. A big part of the ongoing commitment to excellence embodied by Scott and the team is keeping up to speed with the developments that are shaping the modern social care industry, both in and out of a patientfacing setting. Regarding the latter, Scott tells us that the business is seeking to go paperless across its operation, providing all care plans and records electronically, thus improving their accessibility and the ease at which they can updated with all of the necessary changes. As for the business’ interactions with clients specifically, this revolves around utilising the latest industry techniques, as well as listening to the feedback and experiences of its people so as to further enhance the quality of provided care. Commenting on how Olive Home Care’s team members are nurtured to perform their duties to the best of their abilities, Scott stresses the Vulnerable adults aged 18 and above are afforded the services of the West Sussex-based home care provider Olive Home Care and Support Ltd, a company that proudly covers all aspects of care from social and domestic through to personal care and even medication support. Through Olive Home Care, all of one’s health needs are catered for from the physical to the mental, and with live-in care provided 24 hours a day and call outs acted on is as little as 30 minutes, it should come as no surprise that we are celebrating the business in our 2024 Social Care Awards. We speak with the company’s Scott McLeod to find out more. Best Community Home Care Services Provider 2024 - West Sussex importance of regular one-to-one supervisions and appraisals, and when it comes to looking after the team as a collective, a monthly meeting is held with all staff to ensure that the business remains on the right track and all of its people are happy. Further underpinning this commitment, the company proudly boasts an open-door policy, with staff being invited to talk openly with members of senior management about the areas where they feel more guidance or support would be helpful. Such an approach bodes well for the future of Olive Home Care and Support Ltd, particularly as it looks towards opening two additional branches in the coming months, in Worthing and Bognor Regis respectively. Moreover, Scott explains, “we have also opened two supported living homes in the Kent area and are looking at options for this within West Sussex.” As these future plans come to fruition, we wish the company the best of luck in whatever comes next, crowning it as the Best Community Home Care Services Provider 2024 - West Sussex in the process. Contact: Scott McLeod Company: Olive Home Care and Support Ltd Web Address: