Technology Awards 2019

12 GHP / Technology Awards 2019 , Jan20030 Best Anaesthesia Delivery Medical Device Company 2019 Based in Oxfordshire withmore than 75 years of experience inmedical device design and manufacture, Penlon is the UK’ s largest manufacturer of anaesthesia and critical care equip- ment, with distributors in over 90 countries worldwide. Patient safety is always of the utmost importance. Discover howPenlon helps give doctors more safety control, as we profile the firm following its win in the GHP Technology Awards 2019. Proving that UK-based medical device companies can develop and manufacture innovative products that are world-class in quality, Penlon has consistently invested in technology research and implementation since its founding in 1943. The extent of Penlon’s research and development is wide ranging, as the firms product portfolio includes anaesthesia workstations, ventilators, vaporizers, patient monitors, laryngoscopes, suction control devices, and oxygen therapy systems. More than its products however, the firm prides itself on an outstanding customer service and technical support, providing personal contact for guidance and query resolution. For Penlon, the core focus is on ensuring clinicians can continue to deliver excellent patient care with the latest technical devices. With intuitive user interfaces, and new and exciting integrated technology providing hospitals with ideal solutions for healthcare needs, PenIon ‘s success has been consistent. The firm’s ability to innovate, whilst maintaining the momentum in meeting client needs, has meant that both patient safety and clinical outcomes have remained at very high levels. One of the firm ‘s most recent offerings for use in the operating room is the Penlon Prima 465 anaesthesia system. Boasting a 12.1” touchscreen display and a wide range of ventilation modes and other anaesthesia delivery features, clinicians can meet the specific anaesthetic requirements of their patients easier than ever before. Driving the innovation forward is the technical and marketing team at Penlon, embodying the firm ‘s passion to a professional, progressive, and trusted partner at all times. The firm ‘s internal culture is governed by the four key pillars of people, quality, innovation, and reputation. Working together, every person working at Penlon is both listened to, and invested in. As a result, the staff never compromise on quality. Continuous improvement ensures that the products are always of the highest quality. The innovation is clear for all to see, but the firm ‘s reputation is impeccable; always conducting business in a fully compliant, legal, and ethical way. Once the equipment has been manufactured and shipped to customers, the level of service that Penlon provides does not stop. A wide array of service options offer excellent value for money, and can include bespoke care packages. The team lead the industry with flexible technical training packages that can empower both clients and distributors to maintain equipment at the required standard while providing low life costs for public and private hospitals. In what is a fast-moving industry, remaining ahead of the curve and the competition requires almost constant innovation. Penlon ensures that it remains at the forefront of the industry by always being aware of developments in the pharmaceutical industry and clinical practice. Maintaining clear communication with anaesthetists and other medical professionals can also help the firm identify exactly what they need in the operating room. This knowledge and insight continues to stand Penlon is good stead, leading the way for UK companies. As the healthcare industry heads into a new decade of innovation and development, Penlon remains squarely focused on where those developments