Technology Awards 2019

GHP / Technology Awards 2019 13 Penlon Ltd will lead. The focus for the team is on anticipating the integration of technology into hospital information systems (HIS) and offering products that provide value for money, whilst delivering attractive features. In addition, the firm’s offerings are also fully compliant with increasingly complex product and production standards. Heavily present on the world’s agenda at the moment is the demand for greater sustainability, and Penlon is committed to reducing the carbon footprint associated with its products and production facilities. Currently making its way through the UK Parliament is the government’s proposed Medicines and Medical Devices Bill, which would seek to ensure that the UK remains at the forefront of the life sciences industry after Brexit. That way, patients can gain faster access to innovative medicines whilst supporting domestic growth in the sector. As part of the UK’s leading role in global research of life sciences, domestic companies would be encouraged to find cures to rare diseases whilst improving treatments for patients all over the world. Promising a strong commitment to innovation for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, Penlon is monitoring the Bill’s progress whilst forging ahead with its own research and development. Ultimately, Penlon boasts a stronger-than-ever commitment to innovation and meeting market needs within the medical devices industry across the United Kingdom and the Rest of the World. Forging success in an era of change and uncertainty. Company: Penlon Ltd Contact: Craig Thompson Website: