Technology Awards 2019

14 GHP / Technology Awards 2019 , Cleanroom Engineering Specialists of the Year 2019 - Europe Words by DITTEL Engineering, recognized in the Technology Awards for both 2018 and 2019. Dittel Engineering is a planning office specialized in cleanrooms. Thirty employees in Schlehdorf / Bavaria Plans Cleanrooms or hygiene production environments for customers from various industries. As service providers for cleanroom technology, they help companies throughout Europe to research and produce with ever higher quality and purity. Among them are industrial users of clean rooms, such as the automotive, aerospace and plastics industries, where particles are to be kept away from the product. The list of customers also includes well- known pharmaceutical companies, medical technology manufacturers, food companies, laboratories, pharmacies and hospitals that require a working environment free of particles and germs. The working environments of these cleanroom operators are similar in principle, namely controlled particle or germ- free. On the other hand, they are fundamentally different. Microchips for computers, decorative films for cars, components for satellites, medicines for patients or even masses of toast cannot be produced in one and the same clean room. The company philosophy of the engineers at Dittel Engineering is based on this insight. They are convinced that there is no such thing as an off-the-peg clean room. They stand for the concept of the tailor-made clean room, i.e. the product determines how the production environment must look like. Therefore, the planners look at the product and production design in detail before anything is planned, let alone built. The more detailed this advance planning is in close coordination with the customer, the fewer surprises, planning changes and additional costs arise in later project phases. This thoroughness right from the start is one of the special features of working with Dittel Engineering. Another unique selling point is the fact that the services offered are limited to planning. The service package includes customer-specific planning, qualification, metrology and project management - but not construction. Although the medium-sized company has the necessary expertise in the fields of mechanical engineering, statics, dynamics, electrical engineering, energy supply and fire protection, it deliberately refrains from acting as a general contractor. It may seem convenient for building owners to have the cleanroom built virtually as a turnkey project without having to deal with it much themselves. Unfortunately, this often goes wrong. Cleanrooms are not a normal building project like the construction of a warehouse but require special planning and specialized planners. These can take over the independent construction supervision, not the construction itself. Dittel Engineering was founded 27 years ago, the family-run company celebrated its anniversary in 2018 in the new company building in Schlehdorf on Lake Kochelsee in Upper Bavaria. Founder Gernod Dittel and son Florian Dittel, who together manage the company, offer jobs in the rural region of the Bavarian Oberland with contact to the high-tech industries of our time. The company attaches particular importance to personal responsibility and self-control in managing its employees. Those who work at Dittel are integrated into project teams on the one hand, but on the other hand organize their work largely autonomously. This freedom allows them to combine family and career and to develop their professional skills. Thanks to its experience in various industries, Dittel Engineering provides its customers with a broad overview of the current state of scientific and technological applications. The engineers accompany their clients in the trend towards more and more future-oriented technological efficiency of interdisciplinary technologies as well as in the increased consideration of aspects such as energy efficiency and sustainability. The engineering office regards “clean room technology” as a cross-sectional technology. Without it, it would not be possible to research, produce or cure precisely, without it there would be no progress in many industries. Nov19428 A special result of this interdisciplinary thinking is the development of a new, namely mobile clean room, on which the engineers are currently working in a Bavarian-Italian cooperation. The dismountable modules are as easy to transport as they are to combine and adapt to specific applications. In times of crisis, for example, they could be used quickly and inexpensively for medical care, or they could be used as a laboratory, mini-factory or cultivation station. After five years of development, the concept known as “Shellbe” has reached market maturity and found its first customers. Since cleanroom technology has become an indispensable part of modern manufacturing technologies, more and more industries are looking for project know-how from Upper Bavaria when planning high- purity industrial and medical environments. The planners attach importance to technologically forward-looking consulting and long-term business relationships with their customers. Through sophisticated new solutions and the cooperation in the standardization of the industry, the engineering office also participates in the technological development of clean room technology. Company: DITTEL Engineering Web: DITTEL Engineering