Technology Awards 2019

16 GHP / Technology Awards 2019 , Best Orthopaedic Support Product Manufacturer Providing orthopedic support to those who need it is a constantly evolving task as more inno- vations and developments are made in the industry. As the area of focus is on the musculoskel- etal system, pain can be acute. The teamat Orsa Orthopedics are dedicated to producing the best products for sick people in order to improve their quality of life. Here at GHP, we decided to profile this award-winning firm to find out just how they did it. Orsa Orthopedics has an excellent pedigree. Working in the orthopedics field since 1976, its products are sold in 35 different countries and this has been a major contributing factor in it becoming one of the biggest companies in the world for orthopedic support. The motto of “Healthy Choice for Health” has formed the basis of quality policy for this experienced company and following this guidance has been an important factor in the success of the company. Orsa Orthopedics sets itself apart from its competitors through a process of continuous R&D and innovation. This process places potential clients at the heart of the process, with this awareness being a large factor in its success. Selling these products in multiple countries means that raw materials must be tested by accredited organizations according to ISO 10993 standards. With qualified personnel, working to learn new ways of working and testing new ideas, Orsa Orthopedics operates with an attitude that makes it one of the most sought- after brands in the world. A major development for Orsa Orthopedics has come from its work with Alptex 3D fabric, which was developed over two-and-a- half years to provide an answer to a major challenge in the health sector. The biggest problems facing intensive care and bedridden patients is the opening of bed wounds, the closure of which requires a lot of effort and time to resolve putting the patient in pain for several days. While solutions exist in the form of air mattresses, this solution requires constant connection to the engine, consuming electricity and making a lot of noise. With Alptex 3D fabric, it’s possible to provide thermal comfort with high air permeability, less sweating and excellent pressure distribution. Not only preventing wounds opening, it also eliminates problems such as perspiration, pressure formation and airlessness improving patient quality of life. In addition to this, the new Orsa Plus series of products, which features a range of 50 different models, have also provided alternative solutions that do not sweat and overwhelm the discomforts in every part of the body. This fabric development is typical of Orsa Orthopedics, not only offering a great help to those in the most need, but also being applicable to a wide variety of situations. Those limited to wheelchairs face similar circumstances to those who are bed-ridden. This allowed the dynamic development of the fabric to suit this new situation, with 3D fabric pads covering with terry cloth for the back and lumbar regions of the wheelchair. This solution has proven incredibly helpful to those in need, with superior air circulation and pressure distribution, as well increased comfort. This practical way of thinking not only shows the degrees of innovation that go into each product, but how in a fast-paced industry, the team at Orsa Orthopedics keep their place ahead of the rest. Having achieved such success with 3D Alptex fabric, the company is exploring further possibilities Nov19407 in other areas of orthopedic support. New studies have already been made into how best to improve the quality of life and sleep for disabled and healthy people. The direction of future projects, however, is set to solve the problem of sweating in infants and children, keeping them healthy and well at a young age. These products will be designed specifically to improve the sleep and life comfort of children and babies. The work of Orsa Orthopedics has already affected the world of orthopedics in general, but the development of the 3D Alptex fabric looks set to be a gamechanger in the field. Carefully designed to solve a clear problem, this demonstrates how the company has been such a trusted one for so many years. Offering customers a “Healthy Choice for Health”, Orsa Orthopedics go above and beyond to ensure that the best possible product is available, and if it isn’t, it’s in development. Company: Orsa Ortopedi Medikal LTD.STI. Contact: Necdet Capa Web: Orsa Ortopedi Medikal LTD.STI.