Technology Awards 2019

GHP / Technology Awards 2019 17 , Best Dental AR Solutions Provider 2019 - Europe The need for new innovations in the dental industry has never beenmore acute, with com- panies working tirelessly to find fresh tools for dental practitioners to utilise. One of these, Kapanu AG, has produced a revolution in AR – one which could change the way inwhich peo- ple interact with dentistry. Fascinated by the potential of this technology which has brought the company such acclaim, we take a closer look to find out more. Kapanu started life as a spin-off from the Institute of Visual Computing and Computer Graphics Laboratory of ETH Zurich. Since those days of academic approach, the business has developed enormously, specializing in advanced research and engineering on visual computing technologies, computer vision, computer graphics and machine learning. This specialization has taken the company down the road of dental development. The overarching intention of the firm is to find a way of using cutting edge technology to achieve not only great things technologically, but things that can encourage and allow people to achieve better mental health. Key to this approach has been focusing purely on what this team is able to provide its clients with, trying to ensure that its solutions have the best usability possible. Currently, Kapanu has focused in on one specific dental solution, with the potential for more following in the future. This takes advantages of developments in AR technology. What this allows patients, dentists and technicians to do is ease the matter of communication. The Kapanu Augmented Reality Engine is a system that is designed to build a realistic 3D visualization of the ideal dental solution. Built up from a 3D STL, the teeth allow for 3D silhouette planning and 3D see-through planning. Once created, the teeth can be are rendered in true color with a virtual 3D silhouette. This ensures the utmost realism for patients. The genius of the program is its ability to do so live, using a regular tablet, meaning that not only can patients see their new teeth in motion, but also see them in situ. Automatic facial analysis makes the process incredibly easy, saving time on the part of busy medical practitioners. The result is a dynamic smile design that gives patients a vision of the smile they want and deserve. Taking advantage of dynamic modifications, it’s possible to witness the smile that people want to see. This innovative approach is thanks to the facial analytics that the program creates, working in 3D to ensure allow a changing patient perspective. It makes the Kapanu solution into the obvious choice for dentists across the globe. With the technology industry moving at such a swift pace, ensuring a diverse team is paramount. This allows the company to draw on a wide range of experiences and resources, leading to more interesting and exciting potential ideas. Similarly, an ability to remain humble and work fast ensures that the team is able to react quickly to new developments, taking on board changes in circumstance with ease. A flat hierarchy has Dec19423 empowered employees to work to the best of their ability, which has only been to the benefit of this small start-up. Recently acquired by Ivoclar Vivident AG in 2017, the firm has been able to draw on even more resources for its innovative work. Being partnered with another organisation has been a boon for the fledging business. The work that Kapanu has produced so far could change the dental industry, and as far as the team are concerned, they’re only just getting started. Company: Kapanu AG Contact: Patric Frank Web Address: Kapanu AG