Technology Awards 2019

20 GHP / Technology Awards 2019 , Most Innovative Biopharma RFP Management Technology Provider 2019 Technology has massively increased the potential for connection between companies all over the world. In the biopharmaceutical sector today, the need to connect innovative biotech com- panies with a global network of service providers remains as strong as ever. Enter BrevisRefe- ro, a firmdedicated to helping connect these companies through truly innovative tech. Discov- er more about the firm’s award-winning success, as we profile it. Built on the foundation of more than twenty years’ experience in the biopharma outsourcing industry, the proprietary application developed by BrevisRefero is aimed at assisting the industry with outsourcing management functions. Simply put, the firm’s mission is to support product innovators by significantly simplifying the process of identifying and selecting service providers. The primary way in which the firm does this is through an online application built around an environment of collaboration, specifically designed for the posting and assessment of biologic Request for Proposal (RFP) processes. With speed of product to patient as a priority for innovative biologics companies, finding the right service provider faster is precisely what BrevisRefero was designed to deliver to its members. The online application has been thoughtfully designed to allow clients access to all the tools they will ever need to develop and post RFPs in as quick and efficient manner as possible. As well as enabling biotech innovators the opportunity to efficiently post RFPs, the platform also provides the Service Providers with instant notification of new RFPs allowing them to submit their proposals in a timely manner as well as set-and-forget company background information to speed up the process even more. The traditionally manual method of gathering RFPs and getting down to a final shortlist could take between six and eight months with manual methods, but the geniuses at BrevisRefero are seeking to cut that time down to less than two months through the firm’s application. Whether biotech innovators are undertaking a complex, clinical, multi-stage programme handling technology transfer and development, or simply require a strategic secondary supplier for a commercial product, BrevisRefero’s solution is both cost-effective and highly intuitive. Connecting those together who can mutually benefit from development and manufacturing services, the firm’s online platform is a simplified, digitalized offering, with streamlined confidentiality terms, powerful proposal analysis, and expert member concierge services to help innovators create their shortlists even more efficiently. Despite extensive market research, and aside from manually running an RFP, there are currently no direct competitors to the work that the firm is doing in the biopharma online RFP management space. Rather than being a software company or a directory simply listing service providers and biotech innovators, BrevisRefero has designed the RFP process to be the only way that both parties can effectively engage one another. This is because BrevisRefero was created, and is staffed by, experts in the biologics field whose years of outsourcing experience help support its member companies with both application and biologics support to accelerate their RFP processes. Crucially, BrevisRefero is constantly staying up to date on the latest developments and trends within the biopharma industry to ensure its own innovative solution stays ahead of the curve and the competition. Working tirelessly, the staff bring the most cutting-edge technology for RFP management to clients through ongoing online research, information from seasoned veterans, and discussions around the industry-specific challenges the platform must address. As a technology- oriented organisation, the internal culture of BrevisRefero is one of collaboration, innovation, and good old-fashioned out-of- the-box thinking. Without that, there would be no innovative technology platform that is reinventing RFP management. Dec19121 Whilst the focus for BrevisRefero currently remains on manufacturing within the biopharma industry, the ultimate objective is to become the sole source for the management of RFPs across the entirety of the pharmaceutical industry. As the team continues to enhance the application, they are looking to eventually expand into developing RFP processes for contract research, contract development, clinical trials sourcing, and small molecule development and manufacturing. Unquestionably, technology will continue to advance throughout the next decade. 2020 represents a year of enormous potential for the team at BrevisRefero, as the firm seeks to go on pushing the boundaries of what RFP management technology can do. Few can predict what that may look like for all kinds of sectors within the biopharmaceutical industry, but two things are for certain. BrevisRefero will be spearheading RFP development and innovation, and we at GHP are excited to see what the firm does next. Company: BrevisRefero Corporation Contact: Terrence Cochrane Website: BrevisRefero Corporation