Technology Awards 2019

22 GHP / Technology Awards 2019 , Leading Innovators in Dental Cleaning Technology 2019 Dental technology is advancing at much the same pace as other areas of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. Emmi Ultrasonic GmbH is a German firm specializing in the inno- vation, research, development, production, and distribution of ultrasonic and ultraviolet den- tal cleaning technology. To find out more about how this firmare leading the way in the dental industry, we profiled its innovative new offerings. Since the company’s inception under managing director Cüneyt Emekci, Emmi Ultrasonic has been responsible for the development of some truly innovative new entries in the dental cleaning industry. These innovations are based on the team’s extensive experience in using ultrasonic cleaning equipment in other areas such as hospitals, automotive engine cleaning for Ferrari and Ford, and aviation engine cleaning, for the likes of Air France and Lufthansa. As the ability for ultrasonic and ultraviolet technology to clean these industrial areas more than adequately demonstrates its capability, Emmi Ultrasonic has continued to prove its applicability to the dental industry. The firm’s product range includes ultrasonic cleaning equipment for ensuring total sanitation, even for the smallest and hardest-to-reach places. As part of the firm’s global reach, the two departments focused on dental cleaning are emmi®- dent, and emmi®-pet which offer a range of dental cleaning products, including toothbrushes, toothpastes, mouthwash, and floss. emmi®-dent is focused on the human population of Germany for now, whilst emmi®- pet seeks to address the need for a safe and comfortable solution for cleaning pets teeth. With approximately ten million dogs in Germany and eighty million dogs in total across Europe, there is a huge market for the products that emmi®-pet is offering. Developed using the most sophisticated technology, the ultrasonic toothbrush from emmi®-dent far supersedes traditional methods of toothbrushing. Whilst a manual or electric toothbrush might reach many areas of the mouth, there are still hard-to-reach areas that can remain unclean. However, the ultrasonic technology of emmi®- dent’s offering is not only virtually contactless, but it works at a speed of up to 96 million micro- vibrations per minute to ensure that even those hard-to-reach areas are cleaned professionally, thoroughly, and gently. Whilst using the ultrasonic toothbrush developed emmi®- dent, ultrasonic waves penetrate even the smallest of gaps in the mouth, including braces, crowns, and implants. Not only does the product offer an effective method of keeping teeth clean; scientific studies have also shown it to be an efficient guard against build ups of tooth plaque, periodontitis, and gum disease. For pet owners, brushing their beloved companion’s teeth can prove to be a difficult task for a number of reasons. Whether it be their sensitivity to sound, mouth odour, or lack of ability to sit still, brushing a pet’s teeth Dec19285 can be tricky. However, emmi®- pet seeks to address this with a similar range of ultrasonic products that are engineered specifically for cats and dogs. Firstly, emmi®-pet works soundlessly and motionlessly to ensure any cherished pet remains totally calm throughout. Whether cat or dog, tartar is an issue often found in the offices of most veterinarians. emmi®-pet can not only help to remove the tartar, but also the large amounts of bacteria that can ultimately lead to gingivitis and tooth loss. Uncompromising in its pursuit of excellent oral health across Germany and the entirety of Europe, Emmi Ultrasonic has developed a game-changing addition to the market. With little-to-no contact, millions of vibrations per minute, and cleaner mouth for both humans and animals alike, there is nothing to stop both the emmi®-dent and emmi®-pet revolutionizing the way oral health is approached for years to come. Company: Emmi Ultrasonic GmbH Contact: Cüneyt Emekci Web: ® Emmi Ultrasonic GmbH