Technology Awards 2019

GHP / Technology Awards 2019 23 , Best Cosmetic Treatment Development Company - Europe High quality cosmetic treatment is the result of years of development and actively searching for solutions that make a difference from the first application. Previously awarded GHP’s award forMost Innovative Cosmetic Products Development Firm – Europe, Rene D’Essay spe- cializes inmaking sure that its clients only get the best service possible from its products. We profile the company to find out more. For over thirty years, the team at Rene D’Essay has been creating exceptional cosmetic treatments. Proudly Italian, Rene D’Essay is able to provide treatments of every variety, from creams, cosmetics and equipment for use in beauty and aesthetic medical centers, as well as spas. With staff drawn from a wide variety of locations, the team at Rene D’Essay has an intimate knowledge of markets across the world. Of course, the production of high- quality cosmetic treatments is the heart of the company, but it is the extreme effectiveness of these treatments that creates such high demand for their products. It is this quest for excellence that keeps the company moving forward with the intention of finding the highest quality product. Not only is the effectiveness assured by the potent combination of cosmetics, mentality and technology, but all products are available at a competitive price. The range of products that Rene D’Essay produces and distributes is formidable with its specific, safe and avant-garde formulations being a mainstay of beauty salons and institutes. There is a department that is dedicated to the construction of aesthetic equipment for beauty treatments such as Mesocuticalab, handheld electroporators and photo- rejuvenation treatments amongst others. Alongside these treatments, the company produces third-party bandages for beauty treatments, creams for the eye, face, hair, neck, hands and feet as well as a range of dermo-cosmetics and perfumes. These products are not available to the general public, made specifically for professional users. The philosophy of Rene D’Essay is what ensures the superlative nature of its products, with a commitment to quality, efficiency, coherence and simplicity. This means that the company will always use the best active ingredients that are on the market, as well as the most advanced technology available to the industry. All products and treatments are designed to be effective from the first application, making sure that customers really feel the difference. Not testing on animals, Rene D’Essay has a commitment to not using toxic substances at any point in the production line. This includes lubricants, paraffins, synthetic dyes or allergenic perfumes. Finally, the distribution chain is as short of possible, with products presented simply, deliberately avoiding anything that could be considered excessive. This is to ensure that nothing can or will overshadow the end-product. In the last twelve months, Rene D’Essay have made major innovations in the field of cosmetic treatments, with two innovative treatments that are the pinnacle of their kind. The first is for the body and is able to reduce the body profile by up to 6cm per zone, while the second is for the face and based on the photo- bio-stimulation of collagen with growth factors and biomimetic Dec19290 peptides. This commitment to continually innovating has allowed the company to find ways of working that can really make a difference to its clients. Making a difference is first and foremost to the team at Rene D’Essay, and the company has been able to go from strength to strength based on this approach. Not only helping customers but doing so in a way that does as little harm as possible, it’s no surprise that it has taken a place as one of the top companies in the industry. Company: Rene D’Essay Srl Contact: Andrea Bergonzini Rene D’Essay Srl