Technology Awards 2019

24 GHP / Technology Awards 2019 , Best Vaccines & Medication Cooling Solutions Provider Inmany countries, much can be gained by solving the cooling problem. Finding ways to pre- serve food, drink and evenmedicine canmake a huge difference in places where electricity is intermittent, and the need is great. Coolfinity have risen to the challenge, creating its own solution that uses the latest in innovative technology. In the light of the team’s award-winning success, we take a closer look at how the firmdid it. Based in Amsterdam, the roots of Coolfinity cannot be directly traced back to the healthcare sector. CEO Maarten ten Houten designed his product firstly for a market he was familiar with and knew had an incredible demand for refrigerators. This was the beverage industry and focusing on this specific market not only built success, but has now opened the door to tackle other markets as well. Although a young company, Coolfinity has become a frontrunner in sustainable refrigeration. The company’s ground-breaking, patented technology allows the large fridges to run on six hours of power a day. This relatively small charge provides 24 hours of cooling, which can be crucial to not only keeping beverages appropriately chilled, but also vaccines, red blood cells, lab reagents and insulin, in the most challenging of tropical conditions. The innovative ice battery is the solution to one of the biggest problems in large parts of the world. This is because it is able to cool consistently on a commercial level and does not necessarily have to be powered from the grid. Solar technology is an option. This technology has already been embraced across the globe, with fridges spread from Panama to Papua New Guinea and from Lima to Las Vegas. The hard work that Coolfinity has invested in this project comes from a belief that interrupted and limited power supplies shouldn’t limit opportunities in people’s lives. The ability to store vaccines is a major problem in some places, with inefficient and ineffective coolers being either too hot or too cold and destroying the medical benefits of the medicine. Over 137 million vaccines are lost every year due to poor cooling, while as much as 50% of all post-harvest crops are spoiled for the same reason. One of the major advantages of Coolfinity’s solution is its temperature stability. Because of its carefully calibrated, but incredibly robust technology, there is no risk of temperature fluctuation for up to 48 hours after power has been lost. This not only means there is a limited chance of freezing items, but that there is also no spoilage of frozen content. With the ability to cool down items swiftly, Coolfinity present solutions to the dairy market as well. With these products, the need to avoid bacterial growth is paramount and many parts of the chain face problems with assurance of cooling. This problem eventually results in more losses, lower quality milk and less milk over all. Dec19222 With an eye on the environment decisions were made to think carefully about the best way in which to construct the fridge. For example by using double insulation with a low energy consumption. And by the use of the thermal eutectic battery, as it is a clean technology compared to battery powered alternatives with toxic heavy metals. The use of the greener hydrocarbon refrigerant instead of hydrofluorocarbon means that the environmental effect is lowered as well. At the heart of Coolfinity is the desire to find a solution for unreliable cooling, and on this front, it has been a major success. Drawing together multiple industries in need of an alternative way forward, the company has been able to help those people who need it most. This innovative approach cannot be ignored in the healthcare industry, representing a huge step forward for refrigeration at large. Company: Coolfinity Contact: Maarten ten Houten Web: Coolfinity