Technology Awards 2019

Contents 4. Moto Tiles Best Technology for Senior Care and Rehabilitation - Northern Europe 8. T-ICU CO., LTD. Most Innovative Intensive Care Provider – Japan & Distinction Award for Cutting-Edge Hospital Communication 2019 10. Meyer-Hentschel Institute Best Medical Simulation R&D Specialists - Europe 12. Penlon Ltd Best Anaesthesia Delivery Medical Device Company 2019 14. DITTEL Engineering Cleanroom Engineering Specialists of the Year 2019 - Europe 15. Sinterex Best 3D-Printed Healthcare Products Manufacturer - Middle East 16. Orsa Ortopedi Medikal LTD.STI. Best Orthopaedic Support Product Manufacturer 17. Kapanu AG Best Dental AR Solutions Provider 2019 - Europe 18. Barron Biomedical Leading Specialists in Precision Oncology Technology 2019 – Europe 19. UroNova Leading Innovator in Medical Device Coating Solutions 2019 20. BrevisRefero Corporation Most Innovative Biopharma RFP Management Technology Provider 2019 21. Bioklone Biotech Private Limited Best Custom Antibody Development Specialists - India 22. Emmi Ultrasonic GmbH Leading Innovators in Dental Cleaning Technology 2019 23. Rene D’Essay Srl Best Cosmetic Treatment Development Company - Europe 24. Coolfinity Best Vaccines & Medication Cooling Solutions Provider