Technology Awards 2019

4 GHP / Technology Awards 2019 , Best Technology for Senior Care and Rehabilitation - Northern Europe Designed to break up the monotony of traditional physical rehabili- tation, Moto Tiles allow elderly citizens the chance to participate in exercise that is both fun and exciting. Innovating in this way has had amajor impact on those who need it most, which is why we’re taking a closer look at this award-winning company to find out more about what it is that they do best. The result of two decades of research into play and playful technology, Moto Tiles is set to revolutionise the way in which we exercise. Designed specifically for elderly citizens, this new technology combines straightforward operation with a practical endgame that makes physical rehabilitation something to enjoy as opposed to endure. The main benefit of Moto Tiles comes from its invigorating new method of encouraging people to take part in a training program. Instead of the usual monotonous systems, this is a form of exercise that is fun and exciting, creating a social environment for seniors to have fun and enjoy themselves by playing on the tiles. Thanks to the immense amount of research undertaken during the development of this product, customers can be assured of the positive effect on physical and cognitive ability that playing on these devices can have. After a relatively short time playing on the Moto Tiles, seniors are able to move more freely, with many capable of throwing away their walkers and canes, encouraged to perform more everyday activities independently. This rapid effect is extraordinary, with the average balancing test score increasing by 150% after a mere five hours of play on the Moto Tiles. Not just limited to use by senior citizens, therapists have found a use for the tiles when it comes to the rehabilitation of dementia patients, cardiac patients, sclerosis patients, osteopenia patients, patients with wasted lower limb muscles, children with cerebral palsy, ADHD, sports injured, citizens with post-traumatic stress disorder, to name but a few. Like the best games, the appeal of Moto Tiles can be found in its potential to be used in a variety of ways and the sheer simplicity of its use. Some of this research was done in collaboration with the LEGO company, giving a high level of credence to the work undertaken. Using the latest in technological development, Moto Tiles exploit the latest in robotics and modern AI to create playware in the form of intelligent hardware and software that can create play and playful experiences for users of all ages. This playware technology acts as a play force to inspire and motivate the use of play dynamics. Instead of being concerned with the here and now, players focus on being creative, while also increasing skills such as the cognitive, the physical and the social. The use of Moto Tiles ABC concept allows for anyone to develop a life changing decision that best reflects them. A means that anybody, anywhere and at any time can go through life through B, the building of bodies and people to allow people to explore C, which is construction, combination and creation. Finding an active, grownup alternative to LEGO blocks that would benefit elderly people was the eventual aim, bringing happiness as they went. Dec19062