Technology Awards 2019

6 GHP / Technology Awards 2019 , Moto Tiles brings with it a number of major advantages over other systems, with the positive results strongly supported on a scientific level. It has been proven that play on the tiles bring physical and cognitive benefits even after a relatively short time. Many other products don’t bring such rigorous evidence as a result of scientific clinical trials. Easily set up and used by anybody, anywhere, the Moto Tiles can be set up within a minute. Not occupying much space, there is no need to have a large space for setup, installations and infrastructure. Moto Tiles are entirely self- contained and all the better for it. What is most appealing about this setup is the fact that players genuinely find it fun. This is due in part to the sheer variety of options available, with fifteen games in the basic package and over thirty-five in total. The nature of tiles means that trainers and carers are able to construct their own fields with the tiles according to their needs. Whether it’s a shape change, varying from rectangle to square, or moving the tiles so they stand further apart or are blocked by objects like a cone, the possibilities are virtually endless. The same product is able to be used for tens of hundreds of different rehab activities, with almost all intervention groups. This one piece of equipment is a real swiss army knife, able to train most of a therapists’ clients into recovery. The health industry as a whole has struggled with the complexities present by aging related diseases, most of which require tests that a medical professional must undertake in order to diagnose. The team at Moto Tiles has stepped in with its own solution in the form of the Moto Body & Brain test. Able to measure a person’s physical and cognitive ability in a relaxing environment within two minutes, comparison is made using a Big Data approach to analyze performance on body and brain abilities. This unique test can be performed by anyone, automatically generating a personalised training protocol that takes advantage of Moto Tiles. In this way, the two can be integrated into a one-stop solution for anyone. An example of the potential positive impact can be found in the screening of the senior population for falls risk. Through the simple two-minute test, the system is able to identify the potential risk and design an appropriate training tutorial. According to recent studies of patients with mild dementia, within a few weeks, most users of the system will have the high risk reduced considerably. As mentioned above, the combination of a scientific approach and engineering has led to products that have a significant clinical effect, shown specifically in clinical studies. The decision to ensure that care workers and therapists can trust in the impact that this equipment has is paramount to the firm. It means that no time is wasted on useless equipment that has no effect, a trend which plagues the industry. The future of Moto Tiles is bright indeed, with the simple system drawing an international audience that ranges from Europe to Arabia to America. With no clear cultural or age boundaries, it’s not surprising that these playful pads have managed to engage across borders. All over the world, Moto Tiles is encouraging the elderly to reject their walkers and canes after a period of short-term play. With a clear and apparent impact, it’s no surprise that this business has gained international attention. This success is a credit to the impressive amount of research that has gone into creating this innovative new product. It makes the process of physical rehabilitation into child’s play. Company: Moto Tiles Contact: Henrik Hautop Lund Web: