Technology Awards 2021

12 GHP / Technology Awards 2021 , Dec21359 Impetus Digital is a Toronto-based, privately-owned, women-led company that provides virtual and hybridmeetings, events, and programmes for life science companies worldwide. It partners with clients at all stages of the product life cycle, working closely withmarketing, medical affairs, market access, medical education, clinical development, andmany other departments to virtualise their internal and external stakeholder meetings. Best Hybrid & Virtual Life Sciences Meetings/Events Company 2021 & Most Innovative Life Sciences Event Hosting Platform 2021: InSite Events™ Impetus Digital was founded in 2008 by Janice Smith and Natalie Yeadon. During their 18+ years working in the pharmaceutical industry, they saw first-hand the need to make in-person meetings more effective, impactful, and engaging. They made it Impetus’ mission to disrupt the way companies interact with and seek advice from their customers by using cutting-edge, convenient asynchronous (over-time, anytime) and synchronous (real- time) online tools. This comes with real-time, over-time, and around-the-clock support for clients, thanks to the company’s multilingual staff. Working with Fortune 500 pharma clients internationally, Impetus offers the largest number and variety of asynchronous tools, designed specifically for life science companies, including InSite Exchange™ discussion forum, InSite Surveyor™ survey-style questions, InSite Annotator™ annotation tool, InSite Selector™ selection and ranking tool, InSite Mapping™ customisable drag- and-drop tool, InSite Rater™ visual rating tool, and InSite Team Race™ customisable gamification tool. The company finds the most common use cases of its tools include virtual advisory groups, publication co-author working groups, steering committees, medical education, treatment pathway profiling, patient journey mapping, case study discussions, virtual journal clubs, conference debrief sessions, internal meetings, conferences, and more. Impetus’ online platform and signature White-Glove™ services see it partner with clients to help them establish authentic and long-lasting relationships with their customers (such as healthcare providers, payers, patients) virtually, using a longitudinal and flexible approach to engagement. Their soup-to- nuts solution includes the virtual meeting platform, recruitment and stakeholder management services, strategy, technical support, and medical writing and content services. Also available are best-in-class web meeting and virtual tools, all hosted on the same secure and compliant platform. Having everything in one place allows Impetus’ clients to engage their key opinion leaders longitudinally, for example by adding pre- and post-meeting asynchronous touchpoints. In addition, this allows event organisers, sponsors, and exhibitors to engage participants before and after events. In everything it does, the company puts its people first and centre. As a quickly expanding virtual team, it knows that company culture, team wellbeing, and psychological safety are key to overall performance. Global Business Development Director, Vaska Hamanova explained, “When our team members are happy, healthy and inspired, they are productive and contribute to furthering the success of the company. As such, we offer numerous perks such as extra time off over the winter holidays and in the summer, an annual learning credit, paid wellness time, and unlimited sick days.” Impetus’ most recent employee satisfaction survey revealed an employee net promoter score of +89 (>50 is considered excellent), employee satisfaction index of 90/100, and employment engagement score of 91% (Canadian average is 69- 72%). Employees especially love the people, positive work environment, flexible scheduling, autonomy, and trust among them, and they describe the company’s internal culture as transparent, supportive, encouraging, empowering, autonomous, nimble, employee-oriented, inclusive, and collaborative. In 2021, Impetus was certified as a “Great Place to Work” and was named one of Canada’s Most Admired Corporate Cultures. Impetus is always looking for new talents; interested individuals are welcome to submit their résumés through the website even where there are no active job posts. With plans to grow the team, the company also has some exciting developments in the pipeline. Vaska said, “We are always working on new ways to use our large portfolio of virtual tools and improve our existing tools and services. Specific examples include innovative programmes such as digital content councils (online working groups meeting regularly to review promotional or educational materials asynchronously) and “community boards” where healthcare professionals can share best practices, discuss complicated patient cases, or conduct daily “e-huddles” during virtual conferences. “We are also working on adding new and exciting data analytics features and visual dashboards to our online portals and reports.” Company: Impetus Digital Contact: Vaska Hamanova Email: [email protected] Website: / Impetus Digital