Technology Awards 2021

GHP / Technology Awards 2021 15 , Nov21836 Amelio Health is a digital health app for people suffering with chronic painwho are also navigating the complex environment of worker’s compensation and income protection claims. It empowers people with knowledge so they canmake informed choices about their care. It also provides just in time learning for the claimant’s rehabilitation provider so they can implement values-based care andmeasure outcomes. Best Chronic Pain Management Programme - APAC The Amelio app was developed by an expert team who feel compassion towards people suffering with chronic pain due to their own immense experiences. And supporting both sides of the platform are the Amelio Health coaches, who, by utilising live outcome data from validated tools in the platform and wearables, can drive behaviour and target the specific needs of the person with chronic pain. The Amelio team is essential in driving behaviour change and supporting individuals on a road of recovery. Founder and CEO, Kathy Hubble said that she seeks team members who have “openness for learning, compassion and the ability to work as part of a team”. The internal culture is one of support for learning, innovation and understanding the core values of the company, which are nurturing truth and trust; playing as a team; continuous improvement; valuing innovation and cutting-edge technology; values-based care; and delivering proven outcomes at scale. Establishing trust with clients is essential and the only way to do this is to provide the truth regarding health practices in chronic pain. Working as a team, the person in pain remains at the centre and is empowered with the truth to help them self- manage their recovery. Including rehabilitation individuals in that team and empowering them with knowledge also supports the recovery of the person in pain. Continuous improvement is essential in all health practices, however Amelio uses live data and machine learning to drive targeted behaviour change and constantly measure outcomes and reports to all stakeholders. Innovation and cutting-edge technology is essential to providing evidence- based, values-focused, specific behaviour change, while also providing individual and personalised interactions. Amelio focuses on the person’s core values and the things that have meaning to them, thus obtaining more engagement and focus on achieving goals that have meaning. Machine learning of the company’s validated outcome measures is essential to providing quality care at scale, and live data for its health coaches enables effective nudging and changes in behaviour. The data analytics also give insights into areas of the programme that are effective and those that need improvement. Kathy said, “The business is only successful because of the evidence-based instructional design and the adherence to our core values. We potentiate all our expertise for the common goal to reduce the suffering from chronic pain globally.” While Amelio is a highly successful company, it unfortunately hasn’t been able to dodge the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been having to engage with more insurers worldwide, and staff have been off sick with COVID-19 and therefore unable to engage with clients. While it has the benefit of being an online pain programme, face-to-face contact for the rehabilitation provider and access to facilities was limited, which was disadvantage for individuals. Amelio is now focusing on improving its automation and machine learning with a grant from the Australian Government’s Boosting Female Founders Grant, and will be applying to Digital Health London’s acceleration programme for 2023. It will also be expanding its pain programme to the USA. Company: Amelio Health Contact: Kathy Hubble Email: [email protected] Website: