Technology Awards 2021

16 GHP / Technology Awards 2021 , Nov21833 When it comes to improving the skills of healthcare professionals, there’s nothing quite like experience. VascuLab offers a solution that is just like the real thing, but with none of the risks! In GHP’s Technology Awards 2021, this amazing facility secured incredible success. We take a closer look at how the teamhave led the way in this vital part of the health industry. Best Surgical Training Facility - Australia A mindset which embraces the state- of-the-art, guides every decision made at VascuLab. The team have developed an incredible research, training, and education facility for health care clinicians, providing a space that allows them to improve their skills. What sets it apart is the way in which it simulates the medical environment, placing clinicians in the settings they will later be practicing in. For doctors, it’s a chance to rehearse in-situ, and therefore improve patient outcomes in real-life situations. The incredible facility at VascuLab is equipped specifically to provide a platform to develop novel surgical skills as well as train and facilitate current best practices within the health care industry. Much of this is achieved through an approach to training workshops which puts service first at all times. VascuLab is the only privately owned facility in Australia. The team are true trailblazers, leading the way when it comes to the service they provide.Through an attention to detail and a flexibility that cannot be found anywhere else, VascuLab has become the facility of choice when scientists are looking for a location to carry out research projects or set up educational workshops. The team have made it their mission to make this process as straight forward as possible at all times. As a small organisation with a staff of just 12, everyone is always on hand to support each other in daily tasks. The CEO and General Manager are hands-on in every respect, assisting and overseeing in the day-to-day function of the lab spaces, in addition to overseeing the function and growth of the business. Whilst there is a natural hierarchy, the success of VascuLab comes from the team’s ability to work in a ‘rankless’ environment. Everyone’s thoughts and opinions are valued equally, no matter what position they hold within the company. After a challenging two years based in the most locked down city in the world, 2022 will see the VascuLab team rebuilding from what remains after 2020 and 2021. The team have always aimed to support the training and education of medical professionals and this ambition will not change at all. As surgeons continue to find ways to improve the way they perform surgery and the medical device companies continue to provide them with advances in technology, VascuLab will continue to provide a space where the two platforms can combine. This is a space which offers an invaluable resource, and one which is certain to be in high demand in the weeks, months and years to come. While many know the theory of what they do, the VascuLab team offers them a practical experience in every sense of the word. Using the ultimate in modern technology, combined with a clinical setting that reflects everyday healthcare situations, they have created a wonderful place for surgeons and medical professionals to develop and thrive. We celebrate their success and look forward to what they achieve in the future. Company: VascuLab Name: David Fakhry Email: [email protected] Web Address: