Technology Awards 2021

GHP / Technology Awards 2021 17 , Having showed an unbeatable level of tenacity during the pandemic, securing significant contacts within its industry andmaking itself a front runner of pharmaceutical quality control, PVCC CONSULTING is hoping to better the African healthcare industry in the bigger picture. Essentially, with its work focusing on digitizing processes that can be digitized and minimalizing human error in order tomake product quality amore rigorous and reliable part of the process, it is positioning itself to be able tomake great waves in the Africanmedical technology sector going forward, pushing towards long-awaited positive change. When it comes to its services, PVCC CONSULTING’s product safety solutions range from outsourcing to consultancy in order to make it one of the foremost consultancy and competence training services in the industry, working hard to give its clients a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of these things. Fundamentally, its efforts focus on enhancing the patient-centric nature of its client’s work. Throughout this, therefore, it encourages clients to focus on the end customer and how best to serve them through consistently strict product safety – also known as pharmacovigilance – across the continent of Africa and within the growing industry of pharmaceutical product distribution that exists there. The life sciences, pharma, medical devices, and cosmetics industry has been on a steady annual growth track of at least 10% of late, and the continent Nov21831 of Africa has seen a boom in such companies as a result, with Africa’s healthcare spending rising from $28 billion at the turn of the century to $117 billion in 2012. However, despite this boom, the international product safety databases still portray lower than average adverse events reports and poor quality products being traced coming out of Africa and this budding new industry, showing the need for better regulatory training amongst professionals that will improve the sector on the macro scale. PVCC is thus embarking on a quest to champion such education, remodelling the word ‘patient’ to contain a capital I within its teaching materials to emphasise the realisation that everyone will be a patient at some point in their lives, and that the phrase ‘treat others how you would wish to be treated’ is incredibly literal in this case. Critically, it incorporates technological solutions in order to launch its ‘Fuatilia’ support system, safely tracking personnel and recording their daily activities to allow companies a one-stop-shop for productivity management, hoping to be one of the front runners in switching Africa’s healthcare industry from pen and paper to technological. Hoping to receive its ISO standard regulations in the coming year, this young company is making a big impact. Having pulled through the trials of the pandemic by establishing good business continuity management early on, it has garnered a lot of respect and attention from peers and international pharmaceutical companies, securing it significant good will within its own industry. Furthermore, it hopes that 2022 – being its fourth year in operation – will be its best yet, taking on the under-regulated African medical industry in order to improve it and championing the development of regulatory websites, its core team working hard to support its clients with their own digital transformations whilst the staff themselves work on their own training and Most Innovative Life Science Regulatory Services Provider - Africa upskilling on a continuous basis. Additionally, having displayed strong management systems and skills since its inception, it will be continuing to make a name for itself with its emboldening brand visibility as it becomes more recognised as a gateway of product safety and an invaluable element of a developing industry. Company: PVCC CONSULTING Contact: Wangui Mathenge Website: