Technology Awards 2021

18 GHP / Technology Awards 2021 , Nov21650 When it comes to creating leadingmechanical circulatory support (MCS) systems, PulseCath BV is leading the way. This Netherlands-based company has made its name in producing systems trusted by cardiologists and cardiac surgeons around the world. GHP’s Technology Awards 2021 celebrates the brightest and best that the world of health has to offer, so we took a closer look to discover how the teamat PulseCath BV reached these standards and secured such success. Best Global Circulatory Support System Manufacturer 2021 Formed in 2007, PulseCath is a company that develops, manufactures and markets the ultimate in mechanical circulatory support (MCS) systems. Using their unique and proprietary technology, the team have built a reputation amongst medical professionals that is second to none. With more than 30 distributors worldwide and more than 32 product registrations worldwide, their range is exceptional, and only set to grow in the coming years. The firm’s flagship product is the iVAC 2L system, a CE marked next generation pulsatile left ventricular assist device. This effectively generates blood flow up to 2 litres per minute. The iVAC 2L is trusted to provide pulsatile cardiac support during high-risk PCI procedures in terms of pressure-volume loop analysis, effect on the myocardium energy, and oxygen consumption, and thereby supports active unloading of ventricles. Years of clinical studies have gone into the project, with multicentre research ensuring that it is not only the best possible product, but will offer incredible support to cardiologists around the world. Whilst the iVAC 2L showcases what the PulseCath team can do at its best, this is a result of putting innovation at the core of everything the team does. This is shown most clearly through the way in which they are aiming their products at those in underdeveloped countries in order to support the growth of their medical infrastructure. Working closely with the specific needs of each organisation the PulseCath team can bring the benefits of the latest technology combined with solutions that meet the precise economic framework of individual circumstances. The team’s carefully designed approach has gone a long way to developing their distribution framework, with clients all around the world. As their approach fosters innovation and new products, it’s little wonder that they have become the world’s circulatory support leader. The team are looking to expand into Great China and enter the market in South-East Asia with their new partner, Huadong Medicine. This growth will create numerous new opportunities for the team to flourish and thrive. Over 20 product registrations are currently pending which will allow the team to work in countries such as Australia, Mexico and Argentina. The COVID-19 pandemic has delayed much of the team’s operations in terms of expansion. Not only have health authorities been closed, but the various product registration processes have been placed on hold until the COVID-19 crisis has passed. As the world returns to normal, this situation seems certain to rectify itself. The team have also seen a drop in demand for their products as various elective interventional cardiology procedures were postponed. As the world has adapted to COVID-19, the team have found ways of offering online training to ensure that procedures can continue, and patients can access the PulseCath team’s leading healthcare solutions. It’s not enough to offer a product that is second to none. The secret of the success of PulseCath has been their continued focus on growth and expansion. With such a drive behind them, and such success already in their sights, it’s easy to see how the PulseCath team will continue to thrive for many years to come. Company: PulseCath BV Name: Oren Malchin Email: [email protected] Web Address: