Technology Awards 2021

GHP / Technology Awards 2021 19 , Mytigate is a company with a dedication to building amutually profitable relationship with its customers, ensuring their success within pharmaceutical transportation by securing high levels of transport compliance and quality and a determination to reduce irregularities and scrapings. This wayMytigate helps companies to reduce costs of scrapings, root cause analysis, insurance, packaging and penalties. As a pharmaceutical supply chain risk management system, Mytigate supports pharmaceutical companies and their forwarders in establishing compliance with the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) guidelines. Fundamentally, it helps businesses to comply with these guidelines in order to make itself one of the most effective risk management and software- as-a-service platforms in its industry, allowing clients access to a multiple function site that will transform the efficiency of their business and follow worldwide GDP regulations. It helps its clients to evaluate pharma-specific handling Nov21648 capabilities of major transport companies, digitally verify transport lanes with scientifically based risk assessments, the assurance of end-to-end visibility on lanes, support for supply chain partners’ capabilities, save costs on corrective and preventive actions (CAPAs), monitor transport quality, and show regulators the client’s GDP compliance. Ultimately, it plies each of these services in order to offer a web-based service capable of strengthening customer’s operations with end-to-end and effective solutions that minimise risk and maximise results. By ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s internal processes, it has been able to become a linchpin in the health of the shipping and fulfilment industry, providing supply chain network design, quality networking, and proof of health and certification authorities. It’s major clients being pharmaceutical manufacturers, forwarders, transport companies, and wholesalers When it comes to supply chain management, the service of the pharmaceutical industry companies in this field defines its specific focuses, its validated, web-based supply chain platform for the pharma industry allowing it to determine the capabilities of its transport partners. In addition, Mytigate aids clients to attain a risk assessment in view of the transport partner’s compliance, identifying the most appropriate transport lanes and supply chains partners, integrating quality data from different sources such as temperature logger data and evaluating and calculating risk metrics for a lane and the supply chain partners, predicting and mitigating lane risks. Having found its start in 2020, Mytigate is looking forward to continuing to release updates and Best Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Risk Management Software 2021 developments to its solutions. Recently, it released MYTIGATE 2.0, which includes a user friendly interface, allowing to switch between English, French, German, and Japanese, supporting numerous temperature data loggers and triggering system alarms, temperature excursion KPIs, and sensor - related data, audit report, and calibration certification. In the future, it will be working on adding external weather data, the feeding back of quality data. Mytigate is a validated, web-based supply chain lane risk assessment platform in accordance with EU Annex 11 and FDA guidelines (CFR21 Part 11). Mytigate has also been formally awarded ISO 9001:2015 certification. Thus, its digital and state of the art platform promises to bring together all relevant aspects of transport risk assessment, a fully independent solution created by industry professionals, for industry professionals. Company: Mytigate Contact: Prof. Dr. Yvonne Ziegler Website: