Technology Awards 2021

20 GHP / Technology Awards 2021 , Nov21997 HofsethBioCareASAwas built on the idea that therewasmore tobe discovered about enjoying amarine-baseddiet. Through scientific development, the teamhavemanaged to create aprocess thatmaintains thenutrition found within thewholefish. In theGHPTechnology Awards, thefirmhas been recognised for their efforts.We take a lookat howthey’vemade such a substantial difference to theway inwhich homenutrition is handled. Most Innovative Human Medical Nutrition Ingredients Producer 2021 For 20 years now, the good qualities of a fish diet have been reduced to two key components. These are EPA and DHA. The team behind Hofseth BioCare thought that there must be something more and decided to investigate. Their sophisticated methods, using the same techniques as traditional drugs discovery, uncovered a wealth of information that has led to their revolutionary approach. The business revolves around using fresh fish offcuts, which brings unique challenges as fresh fish is obviously perishable. To create a process that works on an industrial scale and is profitable has required the development of a proprietary solution. It’s a gentle enzymatic hydrolysis process liberates the lipids and the salmon bones naturally from fresh fish without the use of chemicals or GMOs. At all points during the process, only natural enzymes are used to ensure the ultimate in quality. This has allowed the team to guarantee that 100% of its output is human grade. There is absolutely nothing quite like this anywhere else in the world, and it has allowed the team incredible access to the pet and nutraceutical industry. The team’s success is built around using invitro gene regulation, to guide the clinical programs that have led to novel therapeutic uses for the firm’s salmon oil (OmeGo), bioactive peptides (ProGo) and natural fish bones (CalGo). Hofseth BioCare has built its name on discovery, however, the team are always investing in new trials in the hope that they can find the next big thing. To this end, the team have begun collaborating with world’s leading research and academic institutions and universities who are actively exploring new findings. Historically, companies simply don’t invest in this sort of research. By positioning themselves at the cutting edge of the global store of knowledge, the team have been able to access some incredible sources of information. This information is transformed through the curiosity of the Medical R&D team who have filed many patents over the years to ensure that their products are thoroughly protected. The pandemic has not affected the way in which the business operates at all, being COVID-19 protected in many ways. The demand for frozen salmon in the supermarkets soared which dramatically increased the demand for processed salmon fillets. With consumers looking at ways in which they can improve their own health, it’s obvious that marine-based diets would come back into fashion. Similarly, the products developed by the Hofseth BioCare team have the anti- inflammatory and immune system benefits that many are looking for. In many ways, the business has benefitted significantly. When it comes to finding a healthier way forward, the team at Hofseth BioCare has gone above and beyond to investigate and deliver new ways of living to the market. With so much potential gain from a marine- based diet, it’s little wonder that it has seen such popularity over the last couple of years and Hofseth BioCare is perhaps the premier provider of this new product. We celebrate their success and look forward to their future endeavours. Company: Hofseth BioCare ASA Contact: Dr. Erland Hermansen Web Address: https:// Email: [email protected]