Technology Awards 2021

GHP / Technology Awards 2021 21 , Nov21540 An exemplary dental platformallowing for the visual representation of treatment outcomes for clinicians, SmileFy allows for the digital planning of procedures. This not only allows a practitioner to get an accurate visual idea of what a procedure’s results will be for a particular patient, but it allows thema tangible thing to show to the patient in questionwhen explaining what a specific treatment’s results will be. Its AI emboldened platformguides patients and clinicians through the stages of the procedure in question, giving patients peace of mind, and clinicians more control. SmileFy is the smile design platform for the modern dentist. Fundamentally, it is supporting the next generation of professionals with the power of visualisation in order to increase case acceptance and enhance the confidence of all of its clients’ patients. It promises that its software will allow its clients to deliver a smile that they can be happy with, boasting a simple and easy to use platform that champions a user intuitive interface and simulates natural looking smiles to give a patient an idea of what a procedure will result in. Critically, using such software to show a patient the end result of a procedure simulated on their actual face allows for effective communication and motivation, showing patients that the perfect smile is in fact within their reach and able to design dental mock- ups and smile trials. This aids both the patient and the practitioner when it comes to preparing to start treatment. Additionally, it boasts AI technology in order to do this, allowing for the simulation of a patient’s potential smile in just a singular minute, allowing for a visual way to educate and inform patients through the different treatment goals, results, and more; over time, SmileFy’s clients have enjoyed a much higher case acceptance rate as a result. Its digital mock-ups are also facially guided. Using natural-looking teeth shapes, the creation and customisation of additional shapes, and the ability to export and print mock-up trials, provisional trials, reduction prep guides, palatial silicone guides, and prototypes of the final restoration, it is one of the foremost technological solutions in the dental industry. Furthermore, the CBCT viewer allows practitioners to open CBCTS DICOM files to view, measure, and diagnose as they plan and design the smile for the patient. This is also bolstered by its digital patient viewer space, presenting digital versions of treatment plans to the patient for approval and improving the transparency a client is able to operate with when taking them through the process and gaining feedback and approvals. SmileFy even allows professionals to continue to team up and collaborate through its digital case repository, ensuring better treatment outcomes by allowing the entire dental team access to patient treatment plans in order to save time and money. It also functions through an open-source export. Crucially, a client can export their designs and 3D files in order to continue the workflow they were in without unnecessary disruption in CAD/ CAM software, completing a digital working process that links a variety of different information systems. It is the SmileFy belief that every dentist should have the ability to digitally plan their patient’s treatment in order to gain more control of the outcome, allowing for a more collaborative working procedure that links the patient directly into the goals of their own dental care and allows them to see what the result will be. Importantly, it looks forward to bringing this software to many more dental clinics in the coming year, inviting clients to get in touch with it to find out how this kind of platform could transform their practice. Company: SmileFy Contact: Ralph Georg Website: Most Advanced Dentistry Visualisations Platform 2021