Technology Awards 2021

GHP / Technology Awards 2021 23 , Operating as a well-rounded and forward-thinking, mid-size contract research organisation, Altasciences is streamlining the drug development process, helping companies develop and research ground-breaking new therapeutics more efficiently. Since its founding, Altasciences has played a key role in the development of potentially life-saving treatments for a range of ailments. The company has grown fromone site in Canada to sites across the U.S. For over 25 years, Altasciences has been leading the pharmaceutical and biotechnology research industry. As a drug development solution partner, the company offers small and large pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies a proven, flexible approach to early phase drug development. From lead candidate selection to clinical proof of concept, Altasciences offers a unique, one-stop integrated solution for preclinical and clinical research, bioanalysis, formulation, manufacturing, and analytical services. Indeed, throughout its many years in the industry, Altasciences has aided numerous sponsors in optimising their drug development, building a worldwide network of loyal clients, and helping them make educated, faster, and more complete early drug development decisions. Altasciences works in alignment with multiple regulatory agencies’ guidelines, including the U.S. FDA, Canada’s HPFB, the UK’s MHRA, Europe’s EMA, and many more. In addition, Altasciences hosts a corporate Quality Assurance team at all sites, Nov21682 in addition to Quality Control resources, who report to the Chief Quality and Compliance Officer for Altasciences and are independent of site management. As a result, it ensures that it is not only working to a high quality, but also works in accordance with up-to-date legislation. Over the past couple of years, Altasciences has been steadily expanding its diverse portfolio, streamlining the outsourcing paradigm while entering new markets to offer their clients a comprehensive list of options to accelerate their early phase drug development. Accomplishing this through various means, the company acquired a CDMO facility in Pennsylvania in 2020 a clinical site in Los Angeles (formerly WCCT Global) in 2021, a preclinical site in Scranton, PA, (Calvert Laboratories) in 2021, and a third preclinical site located in Columbia, MO, this past January. Such acquisitions have allowed Altasciences to expand its services and reach, and has further enhanced its expertise and capabilities. Focusing specifically on the early stages of drug development, Altasciences provides a range of CRO and CDMO services within one organisation, eliminating the need for the client to contract multiple vendors. Working with a variety of clients, the company noted a gap in the market – discovery and early development were moving away from big pharma and towards the growing small to mid-size biopharma, although contract research organisations were not. Henceforth, numerous emerging biopharma companies were being underserved. Altasciences not only filled this gap, but also paved the way for other organisations. The industry progresses slowly, but Altasciences has created a simplified solution to ease sponsors into this new outsourcing paradigm, which they’ve coined as Proactive Drug Development. The company operates with a ‘multiple points of entry, but a single coordinated response’ philosophy, standing out from the competition. This philosophy provides sponsors with an array of options for approaching their drug development. Through the efficiencies produced by Proactive Drug Development, Best Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Research Organisation 2021 Altasciences has established a means to reduce their clients’ timelines by up to 40%. The upcoming year is flooded with new ventures for the company. Starting the year off with a bang, it plans to maintain this momentum. It will be continuing with the development of its portfolio, partnering with new clients from across the globe, and undertaking extensive research for new pharmaceuticals. Over the course of 2022, it has plans to expand its reach, and is currently working on opening offices in Europe. Contact: Julie-Ann Cabana Company: Altasciences Web Address: https://www.