Technology Awards 2021

4 GHP / Technology Awards 2021 , Over the last ten years, the blockchain has grown into an enormous force in the technological sphere. With applications in any and every situation, it’s a case of working out how best to implement it to secure success. Following their success in GHP’s Technology Awards, we take a look at ZEKMED Ltd to see how this talented team has used this world-leading technology to guarantee results which are authentic and secure during the COVID-19 crisis. The COVID-19 crisis saw an unprecedented crisis arise that affected the entire world. In just a few short months, governments around the world were forced to react to a situation that was wildly outside of their control. In our modern world, the key to understanding the way in which this particular coronavirus works was through being able to track its impact on populations, and the most effective way of doing this was through testing. Within weeks, the largest countries were finding ways of making self-test kits available to their citizens, ensuring that if they were infected, they could be quickly isolated from the rest of the population. At first, these tests needed to be processed in labs, but it was not long before lateral flow tests that could get reliable results at home were in play too. This brought about a new host of challenges, however. With people entrusted with the ability to test themselves at home, results suddenly came not from an outside source, but from people themselves. The need for a product which was able to record results, no matter what they were, securely was obvious. This is where the team from ZEKMED come in. Their nasal antigen test was designed specifically to provide state-of-the-art protection against counterfeiting. In the whirl of excitement regarding new tests and leading vaccines, their success has come through combining the testing sphere with the burgeoning world of NFTs. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are a unique code stored on the blockchain. Every NFT is unique and thanks to the development of blockchain technology, it is virtually impossible to tamper with or backdate too. Any alterations are instead stored as a new block along the chain. In recent months, NFTs have gained notoriety amongst art collectors who are exploring ways of owning digital art, but the principle behind the technology have made it ideal for the ZEKMED team. The approach of the firm has been to bridge the gap between this innovative technology and the real world in which it operates. Storing results on the blockchain, as opposed to Best Global Value COVID-19 Supply Company 2021 anywhere else, gives a strong sense of security to the results themselves and also means that any changes can be seen instantly. This tamper-proof approach has been invaluable to many, offering a level of protection that is truly second-to- none within the industry. The team at ZEKMED have taken a great deal of pride in ensuring that the product they have developed is world-leading in every way. There is no need for additional apps or technology, despite the innovative nature of their approach. Instead, results can be found quickly and efficiently through a simple internet connection and browser. This solution has ensured that no matter what, anyone is able to access and utilise their solution.