Technology Awards 2021

6 GHP / Technology Awards 2021 , When ZEKMED first became involved in the response to the COVID-19 crisis, it was with the knowledge of ten years working at the cutting edge of the technological landscape. Their first work was in 2010, with electronic IDs for citizens of various countries. The ZEKMED team were determined to use AI to provide a more secure identification experience whilst also monitoring an individual’s health. This knowledge might not seem an obvious link to the COVID-19 pandemic, but it established the firm within the market. The network that grew from these products proved to be key to the team’s expansion during the last two years. The heart of what the ZEKMED team does comes from their desire to avoid counterfeiting by offering a solution that can clearly be tracked at every stage of development. To do this, the firm has worked with its sister company, ZEKID, which specialises in this work. Their ZEKID® Traceable Anti- Counterfeiting NFT Certificate offers a way of ensuring that their clients’ intellectual property is always protected. It’s clear that the future of security will involve use of the blockchain precisely because it offers such incredible levels of support at all times. The rapid response of the team was key to ZEKMED securing such a high level of success. To them, testing was the obvious path back to normality, and finding ways of making that path easier for everyone to follow would be key. At the start of the pandemic, the team pivoted from their innovative work and applied their immense skill to the challenge at hand. Through their diverse network of specialists, it was possible for them to develop and distribute the antigen rapid test kit which has become so popular today. Like all home tests, the ZEKMED system works through taking a nasal swab and testing this for any traces of COVID-19. Not only is the ZEKMED test intuitive and easy to use, it offers exceptional clinical results at a competitive price. In just fifteen minutes, it’s possible to receive laboratory- grade results in the comfort of your own home. When combined with the secure nature of NFTs and the blockchain, it’s easy to see why so many have trusted the team to deliver truly breath- taking results. Since this innovative turn, the ZEDMED team have continued to develop and improve their product. As more information has become available, the firm has adapted its product to ensure that it is increasingly accurate and of the highest quality. There is no point compromising with such an essential part of the pandemic response. The triumph of the team within GHP’s Technology Awards demonstrates the high quality of what they do. As the world adapts to the new normal, testing is going to be an essential part of how we move forward. The modern approach of ZEKMED means that they are likely to form the nucleus of this brave new future, acting as a key player for many. With the need to easily track and maintain test results accurately, it’s clear that the blockchain has a vital role to play. By looking ahead as opposed to simply reacting the crisis of the present, the team will be able to continue expanding and developing according to the needs of the pandemic for many years to come. Delivering on the vision of a company which has such innovation at its core has required new research and development. To this end, the team has opened a new R&D department in Switzerland, basing themselves out of one of the biggest healthcare research campus in Europe. It’s not enough simply to be leading the way on COVID-19 testing. For the ZEKMED team, they have applied their incredible skill and their knowledge of this leading technology to the difficulties that we face now. This incredible versatility is the reason behind their amazing achievement. As the world returns to normal, it’s clear that testing is going to remain a major part of the response to the pandemic. The situation is one which is constantly developing, but it’s clear that ZEKMED is going to be a company that develops with it. Company: ZEKMED Ltd. Contact: Emidio Sacramento Web Address: Email: [email protected]