Technology Awards 2021

8 GHP / Technology Awards 2021 , When it comes to tackling the dangers of wounds, the Swiss team behind Pathelen Health Care AG is leading the way with an approach that embraces the potential of the latest technologies. Having achieved such success in GHP’s Technology Awards 2021, we take a closer look at and discover more about how they have thrived in the international market. The world of biotech is in constant flux as new technologies and methods allow scientists and experts in the field to find bold new discoveries and create exciting new ways of working. For those in the healthcare profession, the impact of a wound is one which can have lasting effects on a patient. Whilst major strides have been made over the years, there is still much work to be done. Today, the work is led by the team at Pathelen. Their work has achieved incredible success over the last seven years when it comes to the treatment and cure of various diseases. Since their inception, the firm has been committed to delivering lasting change for the healthcare industry, focusing on the fight against bacteria and multi- resistant germs. In the healing process, it is all too common for potential recovery to be stymied by illness caused after the fact. The focus of the team on this area of medical care has been vital to growing and developing both the company, and the options available to the medical industry as a whole. The various products developed by the team have allowed them Dec21346 to grow a stable and diversified product pipeline that utilises effective and active ingredients. The team’s sophisticated approach to medical products has allowed them to demonstrate clear new treatment options in the fields of dermatology, surgery and urology. The incredible range of their skill and ability has put them at the forefront of what the medical industry is able to offer. There is an incredible burden within the medical industry that is caused by chronic wounds. This includes venous leg ulcers, diabetic foot syndrome and pressure sores and can add enormous costs and logistical hurdles to standard treatment plans. Germs can form in even the most sterile of environments, and for want of a way to ensure that wounds are cared for the first place, solutions must now include a comprehensive plan which requires the use of antibiotics. Antibiotics bring their own unique challenges for the medical industry, as pathogens become resistant to the protection that they provide. With the consumption of antibiotics increasing by 36% between 2000 and 2011, it’s clear that there is a major problem that must be tackled. More than 25,000 people Best Chronic Wound Care Product Manufacturer - Switzerland