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Technology Awards 2022 ghpTechnology Awards 2022

With technological innovation playing an integral part in reshaping how we look at the healthcare industry, it is undeniable that the influence of technology has changed healthcare for the best. This combination has not only improved clinical outcomes and patient safety but has also provided more effective solutions for diseases and other medical conditions. Within the fields of medical device development and manufacturing, telehealth, 3D printing and more, the healthcare sector has benefited most from the input of technology. With the digital health market value expected to exceed 430 billion dollars by 2028, and with 80% of healthcare providers planning to increase their investment in technology and digital solutions over the next five years, the industry will only continue to advance. With this in mind, Global Health and Pharma Magazine is delighted to announce the Technology Awards 2022! The Technology awards aims to acknowledge those prestigious companies and individuals who are playing an important role within the industry. Technology Awards 2022 Sofi Bajor, Senior Editor Website: AI Global Media, Ltd. (AI) takes reasonable measures to ensure the quality of the information on this web site. However, AI will not assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, correctness or completeness of any information that is available through this web site. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. The information available through the website and our partner publications is for your general information and use and is not intended to address any particular finance or investment requirements. In particular, the information does not constitute any form of advice or recommendation by us or any of our partner publications and is not intended to be relied upon by users in making or refraining from making any investment or financial decisions. Appropriate independent advice should be obtained before making any such decision. Any arrangement made between you and any third party named in the site is at your sole risk and responsibility.

Contents 4. SICGEN: Best Antibody Development & Production Biotech Company 2022 5. NEXUS / CHILI GmbH: Best Image & Radiology Processing Solutions Company 2022 6. Impetus Digital : Best Virtual/Hybrid Meetings Platform 2022 & Most Innovative Medical Education Offering 2022: Virtual Ambassador Programs 7. OmniVision Technologies Inc: Leading Providers of Medical Digital Imaging Solutions Provider 2022 - North America 8. Tivic Health Systems, Inc: Most Pioneering Bioelectric Medicine Company 2022 9. Quantum Base: Best Pharma Sector Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions Innovator 2022 10. Hexarad: Best Radiology Technology Innovator 2022 - UK 11. AVACEN Medical : Patient-Centric Pain Relief Breakthrough Technology of the Year 2022 (USA): AVACEN® 12. R3 Medical Training LLC: Best Ultrasound Guided Injection Training Course Provider – Western USA

4 GHP Technology Awards 2022 A European company involved in the development, manufacture, and marketing of polyclonal antibodies for cell biology research, SICGEN was founded in 2009. It hit the ground running with the development, production, and supply of new antibodies for an international market, and since then, it has made a name for itself with its continuously innovative and specific work.With itsholisticandcomprehensive production – specifically in antibodies that are in notoriously short supply – it has become a critical cornerstone in the medical technology market, one that has allowed it a competitive advantage. SICGEN, a company founded to manufacture and market polyclonal antibodies for cell biology research, has earned a huge number of awards over its time in operation, allowing it to grow from strength to strength. Led by Dr José Ramalho – a Portuguese scientist – and two other co-founders, SICGEN began life in 2009, and was established with the goal of creating a highly dedicated and specific research institute. With the backing of the NEOTEC Portuguese Initiative, catalysed by Dr Ramalho’s 2009 move to NOVA University in Lisbon, the founder has continued research into cell biology and the development of new antibodies; to this day, he owns 50% of the company’s shares. Operating out of a lab and livestock facility in Coimbra, it boasts a huge and exemplary production unit. Indeed, its nearby animal house has a capacity for producing hundreds of antibodies per annum by raising them in the systems of Capa hircus goats, giving researchers a way to ingratiate themselves with the community and make use of the existing agricultural structure for the good of medical progress. In essence, this method means that there is a mutually beneficial relationship between the rural goat farmers and the scientists incubating antibodies in order to further medical science. With the production of antibodies against fluorescent proteins such as GFP, mCherry, tdTomato, and more, SICGEN Antibodies public has enjoyed publication across a variety of journals in Life Sciences papers across nature, cell, and broader scientific study. Moreover, it currently produces its polyclonal antibodies for the North American, European, and Far East market, marking it out as one of the most globally renowned and fast growing in the industry. This has certainly made it one to watch on the global antibody distribution stage. Best Antibody Development & Production Biotech Company 2022 Oct22376 With a small team and big ambitions, it produces products to the highest of standards and only lets those that have undergone its rigorous quality testing leave the lab, working hard since the start of the pandemic to help by focusing its efforts on the production of antibodies against the protein strains of SARS-Cov-2. With the support of the Portuguese government in the form of grants, its production has continued apace, allowing it to keep contributing its top-of-the-line solutions to the global medical ecosystem. Company: SICGEN Contact: Jose Ramalho Website:

5 GHP Technology Awards 2022 Headquartered in Dossenheim near Heidelberg, Germany, with offices in Frankfurt and Ismaning, NEXUS / CHILI GmbH develops innovative software solutions for multimedia image management in medicine. EXUS / CHILI has three roots. Its RIS roots go back to the former companies, MEDOS and Inovit, both of which were established in the 1980s, while the PACS and telemedicine root, CHILI was created in 1997 as a spin-off from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ). The current company, NEXUS / CHILI has been formed from these roots under the umbrella of NEXUS AG, in Donaueschingen, Germany. Despite being in an entity that belongs to NEXUS AG which has over 1,500 employees in around 20 companies across Europe, NEXUS / CHILI prides itself on having managed to maintain the culture of a start-up, even with having 100 employees of its own. These employees come from different study areas, mostly from the field of medical IT, meaning they bring a lot of expertise and versatile skills to the table. Being located in southwest Germany, NEXUS / CHILI benefits from being surrounded by several universities and research facilities, meaning great access to highly qualified personnel who can influence the research into its products. In their work, the NEXUS / CHILI team pay close attention to changing market demands or political subjects, such as the Hospital Future Act (KHZG) or the growing role of Patient Empowerment. This has enabled them to develop a variety of portal solutions such as NEXUS / PORTAL, CHILI Patient Portal, CHILI Teleradiology Portal, and CHILI Upload Portal. These are designed to accompany patients before, during, and after treatment, so that all kinds of data can be digitally made available to patients, hospitals, referring physicians, or post-treatment institutions at any time of the treatment process. These solutions cover RIS, PACS, and portals for teleradiology as well as telemedicine, and they have been on the market since 1982, catering to mostly clinics and hospitals of all sizes, including large university medical centres (teaching hospitals), as well as radiology departments and doctors practices. NEXUS / CHILI’s focus is to enable medical institutions to work most efficiently using its solutions that manage and optimise their entire medical workflow. They are tailored to meet individual needs, enabling the transfer of research results by working with the likes of DKFZ, and by continuing to pay close attention to the changing demands of the market. Founding Managing Partner of NEXUS / CHILI, Dr Uwe Engelmann tells us, “The foundation of the CHILI software was based on the observation that hospitals needed a faster and more practical way to store, archive and share medical images and documents that at the same time had to ensure data privacy.” The company’s software is classed as “medical software” in the meaning of the European Medical Devices Regulation MDR (EU 2017/745). It established a Quality Management System according to ISO 13485, and many SOPs to ensure the quality of the software, including documentation, nightly builds, and tests of the latest software. Ultimately, the team continue to work closely together and help each other in difficult times, such as during the pandemic. While that period may have been a challenge, the company did see the unexpected opportunity of telemedicine becoming more important and helping to manage the pandemic, for example, the portal was used for the delivery of COVID tests. Now, NEXUS / CHILI is showing no signs of stopping with its upcoming focus being on portals and integration of AI into its software and further supporting the digital diagnostics process. Company: NEXUS / CHILI GmbH Contact: Dr Uwe Engelmann Email: [email protected] Website: N Oct22622 Best Image & Radiology Processing Solutions Company 2022

6 GHP Technology Awards 2022 Impetus Digital is a Toronto-based, privately-owned, women-led company that provides virtual and hybrid meetings, events, and programs for life science companies around the world. Following the company’s success in the 2022 edition of the Technology Awards, we spoke with Vaska Hamanova, Global Business Development Director; Jasmeet Duggal, Account Director; and Travis Drew, Senior Digital Solutions Specialist, to find out more about Impetus Digital’s achievements and culture. Founded in 2008, there’s certainly an element of Impetus Digital that feels so very current and fortuitous. At a time when many businesses have tentatively moved online, Impetus Digital had already firmly established itself as the leader in the life-sciences space, setting the pace for others to follow. Partnering a honed expertise, technological innovation and client centricity, Impetus Digital has long exceeded all expectations in an industry that notoriously moves swiftly and – justifiably – demands results. As Vaska begins, Impetus Digital partners with a variety of clients across all stages of the product life cycle, “We work closely with marketing, medical affairs, market access, medical education, clinical development, and many other departments to virtualize their internal and external stakeholder meetings.” Of course, the crux of the company’s success hinges on its technology, becoming a crucial provider of virtual tools that boost efficiency, reduce excess resource expenditure, and dramatically increase information dissemination and collaboration. Here, Vaska continues, offering more detail: “When used together with our signature “White-Glove™” professional services, our multi-award-winning virtual platform–the Impetus InSite Platform®–can be used for hundreds of different virtual insight-gathering, peer influence, and unaccredited medical education programs. When the company was first founded in 2008, our focus was mainly on virtual advisory boards, steering committees, working groups, and needs assessments. Since then, we have added numerous tools and countless new use cases. Many of these have been developed in collaboration with clients or based on suggestions from their advisors.” This touches on an important element of Impetus Digital’s enduring success that it would be remiss to gloss over – a drive for constant refinement and improvement. One of the latest additions in this vein is Impetus Digital’s Ambassador Programs, as Jasmeet explains. “Virtual Ambassador Programs are a new medical education offering developed by our team. As part of these programs, clients engage 3–4 key opinion leaders (KOLs) as faculty to attend a national or international congress and summarise key abstracts of interest to HCPs from a specific country or specialty.” “Leveraging Impetus’ existing virtual tools and working with our strategic, digital, and medical writing experts, we then create multiple outputs from these summaries, including video vignettes, podcast episodes, slide deck summaries, infographic-style digital handouts, and more,” Travis adds. As briefly touched on, Impetus Digital has become the de-facto presence in the industry, offering tested solutions that beat the trend by over a decade. So, direct competition remains relatively scarce, and mostly dominated by newer companies entering the market. Yet, competition there is, and Vaska concludes by offering some commentary on how Impetus Digital has successfully outpaced any peer. “Firstly, we offer the largest number and variety of cutting-edge life science-specific asynchronous tools on the market! We also offer a comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class synchronous (i.e., hybrid/ web meeting, webinar, virtual event) tools, including state-of-the-art collaboration tools such as advanced whiteboard and polling tools, all hosted on the same secure and compliant platform. “Our signature White-Glove™ services and 360˚ behind-the-scenes support are what truly set us apart from our competitors. We provide a soup-to-nuts solution, including the virtual meeting platform, recruitment and stakeholder management services, strategy, technical support, and medical writing and content creation services. Finally, we put sustainability at the forefront of everything we do and are actively working towards carbon-neutrality by 2030 (aiming for 2025). We plant at least one tree for each new client project; since 2021, we have planted over 1400 trees across Canada and recently won an industry award for our sustainability efforts.” All things considered, Impetus Digital’s reputation and achievements left little doubt of their recognition in the program. Equally, with the launch of its Ambassador Programs, the company’s future looks set to continue the path it has forged over the last decade and a half – one of innovation. Company: Impetus Digital Name: Vaska Hamanova, Global Business Development Director; Jasmeet Duggal, Account Director; Travis Drew, Senior Digital Solutions Specialist Email: [email protected] Web Address:, Address: WaterPark Place, 20 Bay Street, 11th Floor, Toronto, Ontario, M5J 2N8, Canada Best Virtual/Hybrid Meetings Platform 2022 & Most Innovative Medical Education Offering 2022: Virtual Ambassador Programs Oct22406 Impetus Digital

7 GHP Technology Awards 2022 OMNIVISION was founded in 1995, and now their products can be found everywhere in people’s lives including mobile phones, security, automotive, computing, medical, and emerging applications. Healthcare is a sector where constant development is undertaken to improve conditions for patients, but these developments can only move forward if technology continues to grow alongside it. Over the years, OMNIVISION has left an indelible imprint on the health industry. In 2002, they developed the first mobile handset camera accessory. In 2006, they launched the world’s smallest NTS camera and in 2013, they were responsible for the delivery of PureCel® CMOS image sensors to the market. This last development has guided the team for the last decade as they continue to provide innovative imaging solutions for multiple industries. At the beating heart of the products and services offered by the OMNIVISION teamare a selection of leading-edge semiconductor solutions. These proprietary developments are what allows the team to produce high-quality still and video images, analog solutions, and touch & display technology from smartphones, security cameras, endoscopes, webcams, automotive cameras, and more. Often, these technologies are developed alongside clients and customers in order to meet unique industry needs. It’s little wonder, therefore, that the team are in high demand across a host of different sectors. OMNIVISION has won awards for the contribution the team have made to the medical industry, but the high standards demanded in that field have also opened the door to various applications in the automotive sector, the security industry and the emerging areas of computing such as XR and IoT. By always looking forward, and drawing on previous experiences, the team have built a business which will thrive through innovation. Looking ahead, it’s clear that OMNIVISION will continue to grow, as the need for the services they offer continue to expand. The business has already managed to establish an international foothold, with over thirty offices around the world, alongside ten specialist R&D facilities in various countries. This breadth of knowledge allows the business to scour the globe for the brightest and best, allowing them to add to a worldwide network of specialists. Customers who turn to OMNIVISION can be assured that their products are the best they can possibly be, because of such comprehensive development. When we look at what technology offers, it can be difficult to see how business culture impacts on development. It’s clear in the case of OMNIVISION that whilst innovation is key, so too is the desire to set standards that are without parallel. Having managed to thrive under this approach for the last thirty years, we cannot wait to see what they do next. Company: OmniVision Technologies Inc. Name: DeAnn Liu Email:[email protected] Web Leading Providers of Medical Digital Imaging Solutions Provider 2022 - North America Nov22447 For nearly three decades now, the team at OmniVision Technologies Inc have led the way when it comes to the development of advanced digital imaging, analog, and touch & display solutions. With excellence at their core, it’s little wonder they are so highly regarded in this competitive sector. Having achieved such sterling success in the Technology Awards, we thought it right to explore precisely what this leading provider offers to the industry at large. “OMNIVISION Global Team”

8 GHP Technology Awards 2022 Bioelectronic medicine is a highly innovative, intricate, and important area of health care.We can produce an endless list of solutions when utilizing this area, and from unstoppable commitment to medical discovery, via studies and research, to the application of brilliant minds, Tivic Health is rapidly becoming a giant in the field. Here we zoom in on multi-award winning Tivic Health as it wins this esteemed accolade in GHP’s Technology Awards, 2022. The emerging area of bioelectronic medicine is constantly evolving, and companies like Tivic Health are at the forefront of the industry. “Tivic Health is focused on the emerging field of bioelectronic medicine and has created a platform technology that utilizes a stimulation approach, allowing it to treat various clinical conditions.” The company sits at the newest area of medicine called “bioelectronics,” which is quickly emerging as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs by providing non-invasive, over the counter healthtech devices to treat diseases and chronic conditions, enhance wellness and improve lives. Bioelectronic devices or therapies use modulating electrical signals carried along the body’s various nerve pathways and eliminate chemical side effects caused by drugs. Bioelectronics treats disease by tuning the electrical signalling carried along the neural nerve pathways. Tivic Health is a well-established, commercial-phase health technology company making a difference by providing non-invasive bioelectronic treatments for home use. ClearUP® is the company’s first commercial product and is a clinically proven bioelectronic medical device that we can trust to alleviate sinus symptoms, without chemical side effects and negative impacts on the rest of our health. This sinus relief device is FDA approved, drug-free, and provides the sinus relief we crave. Tivic Health’s mission is to give people the chance to experience the relief they need and deserve, in a safe and non-invasive way. ClearUP offers a better quality of life for those suffering from sinus pain, sinus headaches, and congestion from colds, flu, and allergies. With ClearUP, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Tivic Health’s ClearUP is “the future of bioelectronic medicine.” Throughout the pandemic, Tivic Health saw how much consumers were interested in products that allowed them to look after Most Pioneering Bioelectric Medicine Company 2022 Nov22179 themselves more. ClearUP was able to respond to this – and we couldn’t be happier for Tivic Health. Receiving hundreds of four- and five-star reviews, it is clear to see that Tivic Health’s customers love its ClearUP device. Truly transforming people’s lives, this pioneering bioelectronic medicine company has become one to watch within this sphere. Winning a plethora of awards such as Best Sinus Pain Relief Solution 2021, ClearUP, Most Innovative Sinus Relief Solution 2022, and, now Most Pioneering Bioelectronic Medicine Company 2022, Tivic Health has gained incredible recognition on a global scale. We wish it all the best as it continues to improve our daily lives. Contact: Cheryl Delgreco Company: Tivic Health Systems, Inc. Web Address:

9 GHP Technology Awards 2022 As technology becomes more sophisticated, so too must the security that lies behind it. The team at Quantum Base have come up with a unique way of working which sees smartphone authentication achieved in real-time, in an approach which is specifically targeted towards the pharmaceutical markets.We take a closer look to see what the Q-ID® solution is, and how it has earned the team such success in the Technology Awards. echnology has a habit of looking outward, always looking for the larger impact of innovation. For the team at Quantum Base, however, inspiration was found through looking a little smaller. Imagine anti-counterfeit tags that could be used by regular smartphones, that could be integrated into existing manufacturing processes, that could guarantee absolute consumer trust. It almost sounds too good to be true, but that’s precisely what the Quantum Base team have been able to deliver. Their incredible new development, available at a low cost but with innumerable benefits, has been designed to provide medical product information directly to the customer in real-time. For the healthcare sector, particularly the pharmaceutical industry, the Forbes report that “Quantum Base’s atomic-scale devices are impervious to cloning – faking of supply chains would become a thing of the past” is incredibly exciting. But how have they managed such a remarkable feat? The secret is through the use of Q-ID® QR codes. This lies at the heart of Quantum Base’s quantum secure anti-counterfeit solution. It is the world’s first of this sort. The benefits of this incredible new technology speak for themselves. The Quantum Base team eagerly explain why: “Q-ID® QR Codes which are impossible to copy, clone or fake and are validated with a standard smartphone to provide unbreakable global pharmaceutical brand protection.” Achieving this high standard of security was no easy task, and has involved taking a different approach when compared to the competition. “Our patented solution lies in the atomic world, where the laws of quantum mechanics exist,” we are told. “We harness the inherent randomness of quantum materials, and embed this to produce security tags that are simple to make, yet impossible to copy.” “At the core of each individual tag is a unique quantum ID derived from the atomic structure of the quantum materials we embed, which is then simply read by customers using a standard smartphone. Due to this inherent quantum randomness, Q-ID®s are impossible to copy, clone or fake, provide unbreakable product security, and create billions of unique identities, cheaply, for each and every pharmaceutical box or foil, globally.” The combination of quantum security with the ease of smartphone authentication will have a revolutionary impact on how many see the industry. “We make pharmaceutical brand protection in real time a reality for billions of end consumers and supply chain members,” explain the team. “Q-ID® pharmaceutical tag protection is developed to use the smallest real-estate possible on box or foil. Our flexible manufacturing processes allow for seamless delivery of our solution to empower you and your customers to stamp out the dangers of counterfeit drugs, while enabling absolute trust in both physical and online channels.” Technology holds enormous power, and the Quantum Base team have made it their mission to leverage what has gone before to achieve new levels of trust in a sector which demands the highest standards. “With smartphone authentication, Q-ID® creates a trusted digital platform to connect you and your consumers in realtime for brand and pharmaceutical product information, marketing, and consumer data, globally,” we are told. “Quantum Base are enabling pharmaceutical firms to protect lives, brand reputation and global revenues by our commitment to scientific discovery and its successful commercialisation for positive global impact.” The Global Head R&D of a Top 10 Hologram Manufacturer is reported to have said “Quantum Base have cracked the holy grail of anti-counterfeit”. The fact they have is why they are being recognised for their incredible achievement in this year’s Technology Awards. Company: Quantum Base Name: Phill Speed, CEO Email: [email protected] Web Address: T Nov22139 Best Pharma Sector Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions Innovator 2022

10 GHP Technology Awards 2022 Radiology faces many issues, but often the solutions to these problems come from outside organisations to varying degrees of success.The team at Hexarad is made of a group of NHS consultant radiologists who understand the unique challenges of the industry. Their success in the Technology Awards is well-earned, so we take a closer look to find out more. Founded in 2016, Hexarard is an end-to-end platform solution, focused specifically on solving the key issues facing radiology, not only in the UK but across the world. Although at an early stage of development, this high-growth healthcare firm has managed to make a name for itself as a provider of technology-driven solutions that has been proven to boost radiology capacity and address the key causes of diagnostic delays. The heart of the platform is clearer communication between the various parts of the healthcare process. To avoid patient delays, Hexarad connects healthcare providers with a network of radiologists to get scans reported remotely, as well as providing access to a range of services and technology that enable better imaging workflow management. Optirad, a workflow management tool, streamlines radiology departments and reduces by scan reporting delays by deploying the workforce as efficiently as possible. With many hospitals working across multiple sites, this solution is designed to account for this, assigning specialist reporting to the most appropriate radiologist. It also has rota management, intelligent allocations, business intelligence and intelligent supply and demand forecasting features. The incredible power of what Hexarad has to offer has seen the business grow rapidly over the last two years. It is now a leading teleradiology provider to both the NHS and private customers. Key to this growth is the incredible reliability of the service offered by the Hexarad product and team, which means that teleradiology is often over and above the industry standard. With such exciting developments already undertaken, it’s little wonder that the team are exploring new ways in which they can support the stretched NHS system. The latest healthtech innovation is an on-call platform, designed to optimise teleradiology outsourcing to not only reduce unnecessary patient delays, but also to decrease the number of reporting errors and significantly improve hospital efficiency and patient flow. Again, building on the unique knowledge of those who have worked within the system, the Hexarad team have designed to the platform to address the current long referral processes, diagnostic delays, poor visibility of patient progress, opaque clinical governance and poor quality clinical information. Since being launched in 2022, and adopted by two NHS trusts in the UK, improvements to patient safety have been significant and the response immensely positive. The challenge faced by many in the healthcare sector when it comes to radiology is that there are too many scans and not enough radiologists to deal with them. The solutions offered by the team are designed to support healthcare systems to deal with this crisis. It has driven the team to create new environments where individuals can thrive as opposed to be crushed by the weight of expectation. A number of NHS pilot projects over 2022 and 2023 will give the team more data on the real-world efficacy of the Hexarad Platform, which will allow for the development of a superior product. Recently, the team closed a £4.5 million Series A investment round which will allow them to continue to grow and improve the Hexarad Platform, as well as growing both their NHS and private customer base. The future looks bright for these talented innovators. We can’t wait to see what they do next! Company: Hexarad Email: [email protected] Web Address: Nov22003 Best Radiology Technology Innovator 2022 - UK

11 GHP Technology Awards 2022 Patient-Centric Pain Relief Breakthrough Technology of the Year 2022 (USA): AVACEN® Oct22408 Based inCarlsbad,CA,AVACEN® (Advanced Vascular Circulation Enhancement) Medical improves microcirculation and gives full-body pain relief in as little as 15 minutes. Diseases and health conditions are complex, and can take an overwhelming grip on our lives, but with AVACEN Medical, users can find relief and even comfort noninvasively, often without the use of any drugs. This award-winning company has caught our eye for its innovative use of thermotherapy technology, and now is the time to take a closer look. “Pain Relief from the Palm of Your Hand.” Founded in 2009, AVACEN Medical utilizes pioneering technology to deliver noninvasive, drug-free, over-the-counter medical devices that help users manage pain stemming from a variety of health conditions. With over 8,000 devices field tested and sold, AVACEN Medical has rapidly become a giant within its realm. Its technology is being used globally and has provided over 20 million treatments thus far. Technology inventor and AVACEN Chairman, Thomas G. Muehlbauer tells us, “Our customers include both retail users for home-based devices, as well as professional users including physicians, chiropractors, osteopaths, podiatrists and naturopaths among other specialties.” By working efficiently and creatively, this new technology has proven to be popular within the medical sphere – ensuring we all have noninvasive treatment alternatives, often without the need for invasive surgery or pharmaceuticals in general. The AVACEN® “single point treatment” system is a patented, FDA Cleared Class II medical device that couples negative pressure with heat therapy to increase microcirculation into a unique vascular network – all from the palm of your hand. The single point of treatment operates quickly and effectively to slightly raise blood temperature throughout the entire body, dilating capillaries while decreasing blood viscosity. By addressing microcirculation, AVACEN Medical has found a way to temporarily alleviate pain without going under the knife. Its methods are capable of relieving pain after 20-to-30-minute treatment sessions, and its thermotherapy is much different versus using heat alone. With regards to the most recent developments, AVACEN President and CEO Anthony Shimkin shares, “AVACEN Medical launched three new products over the last few months, including our third-generation technology for home users (AVACEN HOME XL) and professional users (AVACEN PRO+). The Company also launched a new Cardiac & Stress Screening (CSS) device - an accelerated plethysmography device designed to quickly assess arterial health and heart rate variability in as little as one minute.” As a manufacturer, AVACEN Medical has 17 U.S. and international patents backing its developments. AVACEN Medical has produced some of the most innovative and life-altering pieces of technology, creating opportunities for people to live more fulfilling lives. AVACEN Medical has changed the lives of countless people who suffer with conditions where chronic pain is a huge side effect and symptom. Anthony informs us, “Chronic pain is considered by many to be an epidemic. In the U.S., up to 116 million are impacted, more than diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined, with over 30% of people suffering globally.” “Our devices are a viable alternative to opioid medication to treat pain. There is a significant amount of legislation designed to control opioid use. In the U.S. alone, 143 million opioid prescriptions were written in 2020, with up to 100,000 deaths per year related to misuse. The Company is consistently looking at noninvasive, drug-free approaches to solve health issues.” AVACEN Medical’s USP or unique sales proposition is that its internal culture involves innovation, accountability, and a customerfocused outlook – helping AVACEN Medical to build a strong reputation and sturdy relationship with customers from around the globe. Its team is dedicated, adaptable, and brimming with positivity, ensuring each step of the job gets done correctly and with passion at the forefront. Informing us of AVACEN Medical’s plans to improve the future, Anthony shares, “AVACEN is looking into new applications for our technology and devices, in areas such as maintaining normal body temperature (or normothermia). We are also investigating how our technology could be used to treat other conditions, like improving wound healing times.” Researching microcirculation has been a game changer for AVACEN Medical, and the devices it has created. Anthony updates us, “The topic of microcirculation is rarely highlighted, but is so important to understand related to epidemiology. For instance, in wound healing, the skin’s microcirculation is reduced by 40% between the ages of 20 to 70 years old (Tsuchida Y., 1993).” Although AVACEN Medical’s thermotherapy devices are FDA Cleared for pain relief due to a variety of causes like arthritis, impaired microcirculation in general is tied to a variety of different diseases. The Company has completed several feasibility studies in new disease areas and plans to continue to investigate where its technology can noninvasively treat different ailments. Now that AVACEN Medical has won the Patient-Centric Pain Relief Breakthrough Technology of the Year 2022 (USA) award, it will continue to gain even more recognition around the world. We are excited to have had the opportunity to present its work to you, and we are looking forward to seeing what it does next with regards to new applications for its ground-breaking technology and devices. Contact: Anthony Shimkin (e) [email protected] Company: AVACEN Medical Web Address:

12 GHP Technology Awards 2022 R3 Medical Training is the USA’s top supplier for in-person and onlinemedical training courses that allow providers to obtain useful skills that are immediately useful in clinical practice. R3’s mission is to provide courses that are up to date, fun to take, and are valuable to each attendee’s practice. Here we zoom in on what R3 does as it continues to shape the future of medical training solutions. R3 Medical Training works in a plethora of arenas within the medical training, including orthopedics, aesthetics, ultrasound and regenerative medicine. Offering CME accredited courses, R3 Medical Training supplies current concepts and hands on experience with real patients for a real world experience. For instance, R3 works hard to ensure attendees receive comprehensive regenerative stem cell training for umbilical allograft, exosome rich fluid, and PRP procedures. The CME accredited course goes through the basics of regenerative biologics, supplements, marketing, federal regulations and hands on experience with procedures Not only does R3 Medical Training offer the top medical regenerative stem cell course, but it also offers regenerative aesthetic training in the same manner. Also CME accredited, the course includes didactic and hands on experience for facial rejuvenation, hair restoration, and sexual health. R3 Medical Training includes PDO thread lift techniques as well, so providers can learn how to perform non-surgical facelifts! Separate courses are also offered for Botox and fillers, sexual health, hair restoration and PDO thread certifications (Basic and Advanced). Helping people to become a skilled practitioner of musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound injection treatments, R3 Medical Training guarantees only the best level 1 and level 2 courses on the market. The orthopedic injection courses are always full and “sell out”, allowing attendees to watch, learn, and practice – with procedures on real patients under the supervision of the trainers, so as to understand just how diverse human tissue is. Ultrasound-guided injections ensure needle accuracy for patients, which offers the best chance for a really effective outcome. According to CEO Dr. Greene, “Blind injections often miss the mark, and patients then receive less effective pain relief. Not a great option for patient care, especially when ultrasound is readily available, transportable and so accurate!” R3 Medical Training has won Best Ultrasound Guided Injection Training Course Provider, USA, and we want to celebrate its dedicated work. Its USP is that it has entirely focuses on quality Best Ultrasound Guided Injection Training Course Provider – Western USA Nov22734 over quantity, it never pushes people through courses to up its numbers – it simply offers CME accredited courses that have been sharpened to guide anyone through not only the basics but the full skill set, so that they can be fully equipped with appropriate skill set to face current challenges in their preferred area of expertise. Its in-person training follows experiential learning through working with real patients with expert supervision and all the help they require to understand how to perform each task. Another USP is R3 Medical Training’s offer of a free procedure for each of its trainees, whereby they can experience what a treatment is like and convey results to their own patients. We are happy to announce its win, and we wish R3 Medical Training a very sincere congratulations. If you would like some more information on how to sign up, simply visit Contact: David Greene, MD, PhD, MBA Company: R3 Medical Training LLC Web Address:

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