Technology Awards 2022

10 GHP Technology Awards 2022 Radiology faces many issues, but often the solutions to these problems come from outside organisations to varying degrees of success.The team at Hexarad is made of a group of NHS consultant radiologists who understand the unique challenges of the industry. Their success in the Technology Awards is well-earned, so we take a closer look to find out more. Founded in 2016, Hexarard is an end-to-end platform solution, focused specifically on solving the key issues facing radiology, not only in the UK but across the world. Although at an early stage of development, this high-growth healthcare firm has managed to make a name for itself as a provider of technology-driven solutions that has been proven to boost radiology capacity and address the key causes of diagnostic delays. The heart of the platform is clearer communication between the various parts of the healthcare process. To avoid patient delays, Hexarad connects healthcare providers with a network of radiologists to get scans reported remotely, as well as providing access to a range of services and technology that enable better imaging workflow management. Optirad, a workflow management tool, streamlines radiology departments and reduces by scan reporting delays by deploying the workforce as efficiently as possible. With many hospitals working across multiple sites, this solution is designed to account for this, assigning specialist reporting to the most appropriate radiologist. It also has rota management, intelligent allocations, business intelligence and intelligent supply and demand forecasting features. The incredible power of what Hexarad has to offer has seen the business grow rapidly over the last two years. It is now a leading teleradiology provider to both the NHS and private customers. Key to this growth is the incredible reliability of the service offered by the Hexarad product and team, which means that teleradiology is often over and above the industry standard. With such exciting developments already undertaken, it’s little wonder that the team are exploring new ways in which they can support the stretched NHS system. The latest healthtech innovation is an on-call platform, designed to optimise teleradiology outsourcing to not only reduce unnecessary patient delays, but also to decrease the number of reporting errors and significantly improve hospital efficiency and patient flow. Again, building on the unique knowledge of those who have worked within the system, the Hexarad team have designed to the platform to address the current long referral processes, diagnostic delays, poor visibility of patient progress, opaque clinical governance and poor quality clinical information. Since being launched in 2022, and adopted by two NHS trusts in the UK, improvements to patient safety have been significant and the response immensely positive. The challenge faced by many in the healthcare sector when it comes to radiology is that there are too many scans and not enough radiologists to deal with them. The solutions offered by the team are designed to support healthcare systems to deal with this crisis. It has driven the team to create new environments where individuals can thrive as opposed to be crushed by the weight of expectation. A number of NHS pilot projects over 2022 and 2023 will give the team more data on the real-world efficacy of the Hexarad Platform, which will allow for the development of a superior product. Recently, the team closed a £4.5 million Series A investment round which will allow them to continue to grow and improve the Hexarad Platform, as well as growing both their NHS and private customer base. The future looks bright for these talented innovators. We can’t wait to see what they do next! Company: Hexarad Email: [email protected] Web Address: Nov22003 Best Radiology Technology Innovator 2022 - UK