Technology Awards 2022

12 GHP Technology Awards 2022 R3 Medical Training is the USA’s top supplier for in-person and onlinemedical training courses that allow providers to obtain useful skills that are immediately useful in clinical practice. R3’s mission is to provide courses that are up to date, fun to take, and are valuable to each attendee’s practice. Here we zoom in on what R3 does as it continues to shape the future of medical training solutions. R3 Medical Training works in a plethora of arenas within the medical training, including orthopedics, aesthetics, ultrasound and regenerative medicine. Offering CME accredited courses, R3 Medical Training supplies current concepts and hands on experience with real patients for a real world experience. For instance, R3 works hard to ensure attendees receive comprehensive regenerative stem cell training for umbilical allograft, exosome rich fluid, and PRP procedures. The CME accredited course goes through the basics of regenerative biologics, supplements, marketing, federal regulations and hands on experience with procedures Not only does R3 Medical Training offer the top medical regenerative stem cell course, but it also offers regenerative aesthetic training in the same manner. Also CME accredited, the course includes didactic and hands on experience for facial rejuvenation, hair restoration, and sexual health. R3 Medical Training includes PDO thread lift techniques as well, so providers can learn how to perform non-surgical facelifts! Separate courses are also offered for Botox and fillers, sexual health, hair restoration and PDO thread certifications (Basic and Advanced). Helping people to become a skilled practitioner of musculoskeletal (MSK) ultrasound injection treatments, R3 Medical Training guarantees only the best level 1 and level 2 courses on the market. The orthopedic injection courses are always full and “sell out”, allowing attendees to watch, learn, and practice – with procedures on real patients under the supervision of the trainers, so as to understand just how diverse human tissue is. Ultrasound-guided injections ensure needle accuracy for patients, which offers the best chance for a really effective outcome. According to CEO Dr. Greene, “Blind injections often miss the mark, and patients then receive less effective pain relief. Not a great option for patient care, especially when ultrasound is readily available, transportable and so accurate!” R3 Medical Training has won Best Ultrasound Guided Injection Training Course Provider, USA, and we want to celebrate its dedicated work. Its USP is that it has entirely focuses on quality Best Ultrasound Guided Injection Training Course Provider – Western USA Nov22734 over quantity, it never pushes people through courses to up its numbers – it simply offers CME accredited courses that have been sharpened to guide anyone through not only the basics but the full skill set, so that they can be fully equipped with appropriate skill set to face current challenges in their preferred area of expertise. Its in-person training follows experiential learning through working with real patients with expert supervision and all the help they require to understand how to perform each task. Another USP is R3 Medical Training’s offer of a free procedure for each of its trainees, whereby they can experience what a treatment is like and convey results to their own patients. We are happy to announce its win, and we wish R3 Medical Training a very sincere congratulations. If you would like some more information on how to sign up, simply visit Contact: David Greene, MD, PhD, MBA Company: R3 Medical Training LLC Web Address: