Technology Awards 2022

6 GHP Technology Awards 2022 Impetus Digital is a Toronto-based, privately-owned, women-led company that provides virtual and hybrid meetings, events, and programs for life science companies around the world. Following the company’s success in the 2022 edition of the Technology Awards, we spoke with Vaska Hamanova, Global Business Development Director; Jasmeet Duggal, Account Director; and Travis Drew, Senior Digital Solutions Specialist, to find out more about Impetus Digital’s achievements and culture. Founded in 2008, there’s certainly an element of Impetus Digital that feels so very current and fortuitous. At a time when many businesses have tentatively moved online, Impetus Digital had already firmly established itself as the leader in the life-sciences space, setting the pace for others to follow. Partnering a honed expertise, technological innovation and client centricity, Impetus Digital has long exceeded all expectations in an industry that notoriously moves swiftly and – justifiably – demands results. As Vaska begins, Impetus Digital partners with a variety of clients across all stages of the product life cycle, “We work closely with marketing, medical affairs, market access, medical education, clinical development, and many other departments to virtualize their internal and external stakeholder meetings.” Of course, the crux of the company’s success hinges on its technology, becoming a crucial provider of virtual tools that boost efficiency, reduce excess resource expenditure, and dramatically increase information dissemination and collaboration. Here, Vaska continues, offering more detail: “When used together with our signature “White-Glove™” professional services, our multi-award-winning virtual platform–the Impetus InSite Platform®–can be used for hundreds of different virtual insight-gathering, peer influence, and unaccredited medical education programs. When the company was first founded in 2008, our focus was mainly on virtual advisory boards, steering committees, working groups, and needs assessments. Since then, we have added numerous tools and countless new use cases. Many of these have been developed in collaboration with clients or based on suggestions from their advisors.” This touches on an important element of Impetus Digital’s enduring success that it would be remiss to gloss over – a drive for constant refinement and improvement. One of the latest additions in this vein is Impetus Digital’s Ambassador Programs, as Jasmeet explains. “Virtual Ambassador Programs are a new medical education offering developed by our team. As part of these programs, clients engage 3–4 key opinion leaders (KOLs) as faculty to attend a national or international congress and summarise key abstracts of interest to HCPs from a specific country or specialty.” “Leveraging Impetus’ existing virtual tools and working with our strategic, digital, and medical writing experts, we then create multiple outputs from these summaries, including video vignettes, podcast episodes, slide deck summaries, infographic-style digital handouts, and more,” Travis adds. As briefly touched on, Impetus Digital has become the de-facto presence in the industry, offering tested solutions that beat the trend by over a decade. So, direct competition remains relatively scarce, and mostly dominated by newer companies entering the market. Yet, competition there is, and Vaska concludes by offering some commentary on how Impetus Digital has successfully outpaced any peer. “Firstly, we offer the largest number and variety of cutting-edge life science-specific asynchronous tools on the market! We also offer a comprehensive portfolio of best-in-class synchronous (i.e., hybrid/ web meeting, webinar, virtual event) tools, including state-of-the-art collaboration tools such as advanced whiteboard and polling tools, all hosted on the same secure and compliant platform. “Our signature White-Glove™ services and 360˚ behind-the-scenes support are what truly set us apart from our competitors. We provide a soup-to-nuts solution, including the virtual meeting platform, recruitment and stakeholder management services, strategy, technical support, and medical writing and content creation services. Finally, we put sustainability at the forefront of everything we do and are actively working towards carbon-neutrality by 2030 (aiming for 2025). We plant at least one tree for each new client project; since 2021, we have planted over 1400 trees across Canada and recently won an industry award for our sustainability efforts.” All things considered, Impetus Digital’s reputation and achievements left little doubt of their recognition in the program. Equally, with the launch of its Ambassador Programs, the company’s future looks set to continue the path it has forged over the last decade and a half – one of innovation. Company: Impetus Digital Name: Vaska Hamanova, Global Business Development Director; Jasmeet Duggal, Account Director; Travis Drew, Senior Digital Solutions Specialist Email: [email protected] Web Address:, Address: WaterPark Place, 20 Bay Street, 11th Floor, Toronto, Ontario, M5J 2N8, Canada Best Virtual/Hybrid Meetings Platform 2022 & Most Innovative Medical Education Offering 2022: Virtual Ambassador Programs Oct22406 Impetus Digital