Technology Awards 2022

7 GHP Technology Awards 2022 OMNIVISION was founded in 1995, and now their products can be found everywhere in people’s lives including mobile phones, security, automotive, computing, medical, and emerging applications. Healthcare is a sector where constant development is undertaken to improve conditions for patients, but these developments can only move forward if technology continues to grow alongside it. Over the years, OMNIVISION has left an indelible imprint on the health industry. In 2002, they developed the first mobile handset camera accessory. In 2006, they launched the world’s smallest NTS camera and in 2013, they were responsible for the delivery of PureCel® CMOS image sensors to the market. This last development has guided the team for the last decade as they continue to provide innovative imaging solutions for multiple industries. At the beating heart of the products and services offered by the OMNIVISION teamare a selection of leading-edge semiconductor solutions. These proprietary developments are what allows the team to produce high-quality still and video images, analog solutions, and touch & display technology from smartphones, security cameras, endoscopes, webcams, automotive cameras, and more. Often, these technologies are developed alongside clients and customers in order to meet unique industry needs. It’s little wonder, therefore, that the team are in high demand across a host of different sectors. OMNIVISION has won awards for the contribution the team have made to the medical industry, but the high standards demanded in that field have also opened the door to various applications in the automotive sector, the security industry and the emerging areas of computing such as XR and IoT. By always looking forward, and drawing on previous experiences, the team have built a business which will thrive through innovation. Looking ahead, it’s clear that OMNIVISION will continue to grow, as the need for the services they offer continue to expand. The business has already managed to establish an international foothold, with over thirty offices around the world, alongside ten specialist R&D facilities in various countries. This breadth of knowledge allows the business to scour the globe for the brightest and best, allowing them to add to a worldwide network of specialists. Customers who turn to OMNIVISION can be assured that their products are the best they can possibly be, because of such comprehensive development. When we look at what technology offers, it can be difficult to see how business culture impacts on development. It’s clear in the case of OMNIVISION that whilst innovation is key, so too is the desire to set standards that are without parallel. Having managed to thrive under this approach for the last thirty years, we cannot wait to see what they do next. Company: OmniVision Technologies Inc. Name: DeAnn Liu Email:[email protected] Web Leading Providers of Medical Digital Imaging Solutions Provider 2022 - North America Nov22447 For nearly three decades now, the team at OmniVision Technologies Inc have led the way when it comes to the development of advanced digital imaging, analog, and touch & display solutions. With excellence at their core, it’s little wonder they are so highly regarded in this competitive sector. Having achieved such sterling success in the Technology Awards, we thought it right to explore precisely what this leading provider offers to the industry at large. “OMNIVISION Global Team”