Technology Awards 2022

8 GHP Technology Awards 2022 Bioelectronic medicine is a highly innovative, intricate, and important area of health care.We can produce an endless list of solutions when utilizing this area, and from unstoppable commitment to medical discovery, via studies and research, to the application of brilliant minds, Tivic Health is rapidly becoming a giant in the field. Here we zoom in on multi-award winning Tivic Health as it wins this esteemed accolade in GHP’s Technology Awards, 2022. The emerging area of bioelectronic medicine is constantly evolving, and companies like Tivic Health are at the forefront of the industry. “Tivic Health is focused on the emerging field of bioelectronic medicine and has created a platform technology that utilizes a stimulation approach, allowing it to treat various clinical conditions.” The company sits at the newest area of medicine called “bioelectronics,” which is quickly emerging as an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs by providing non-invasive, over the counter healthtech devices to treat diseases and chronic conditions, enhance wellness and improve lives. Bioelectronic devices or therapies use modulating electrical signals carried along the body’s various nerve pathways and eliminate chemical side effects caused by drugs. Bioelectronics treats disease by tuning the electrical signalling carried along the neural nerve pathways. Tivic Health is a well-established, commercial-phase health technology company making a difference by providing non-invasive bioelectronic treatments for home use. ClearUP® is the company’s first commercial product and is a clinically proven bioelectronic medical device that we can trust to alleviate sinus symptoms, without chemical side effects and negative impacts on the rest of our health. This sinus relief device is FDA approved, drug-free, and provides the sinus relief we crave. Tivic Health’s mission is to give people the chance to experience the relief they need and deserve, in a safe and non-invasive way. ClearUP offers a better quality of life for those suffering from sinus pain, sinus headaches, and congestion from colds, flu, and allergies. With ClearUP, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Tivic Health’s ClearUP is “the future of bioelectronic medicine.” Throughout the pandemic, Tivic Health saw how much consumers were interested in products that allowed them to look after Most Pioneering Bioelectric Medicine Company 2022 Nov22179 themselves more. ClearUP was able to respond to this – and we couldn’t be happier for Tivic Health. Receiving hundreds of four- and five-star reviews, it is clear to see that Tivic Health’s customers love its ClearUP device. Truly transforming people’s lives, this pioneering bioelectronic medicine company has become one to watch within this sphere. Winning a plethora of awards such as Best Sinus Pain Relief Solution 2021, ClearUP, Most Innovative Sinus Relief Solution 2022, and, now Most Pioneering Bioelectronic Medicine Company 2022, Tivic Health has gained incredible recognition on a global scale. We wish it all the best as it continues to improve our daily lives. Contact: Cheryl Delgreco Company: Tivic Health Systems, Inc. Web Address: