Women in Health Awards 2017

10 GHP / Women in Health 2017 , Contact: Ellie Walsh Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Harrison House, Peaks Lane, Grimsby N E Lincs, DN32 9RP, UK Phone: 01472 252366 Website: www.navigocare.co.uk/ Navigo focuses on delivering high quality care and the team lives by its mission to provide services that they would be happy for their own family to use. Ellie gives us a brief outline of what the healthcare industry used to be like and how it has changed. “Traditionally, working as a Nurse in acute mental health used to be seen as predominantly a male profession in a male dominated environment, both working directly with service users and in management. I certainly experienced this at the beginning of my career. Over the years, this has eroded and at NAViGO, all staff are treated as equals and are encouraged to continue their professional development.” Ellie gives us an interesting insight into what she believes can make people successful in the mental health industry, before going on to explain how she uses these attributes to complete her own success. “Concerning being successful in the healthcare industry, I think that as long as you are motivated and have the desire to strive then you can achieve your goals, healthcare is an ever changing GHB17008 Acute Mental Health Operational Manager of the Year 2017 - Lincolnshire NAViGOprovides awide range of health and care services across North East Lincolnshire for peoplewithmental health problems.We spoke to EllieWalsh to find outmore about the company and the quality services it provides. profession that supports people into leadership roles. “Currently, I am leading a project to bring all service users who were placed out of area in locked rehab placements back to their own locality. As an organisation, we have made this a priority over the past year and I will ensure that we maintain this achievement with only one service user still out of area but already on a pathway to return in the next few weeks. This is an achievement I am incredibly proud of.” Ultimately, Ellie will look to consolidate this project and many others she is working on in the future, ensuring that the services she manages will work to the best of their ability. Ellie signs off by explaining how she is already training and nurturing junior staff, so they are primed and ready to succeed her when she leaves her role. “Looking ahead, I am also committed to nurturing, teaching, supporting and guiding junior staff members, ensuring that we have a workforce who can take over and run services as I and others head towards retirement in a few years’ time.”

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