Women in Health Awards 2017

GHP / Women in Health 2017 11 , Company: Penrose Options Contact: Gill Arukpe Address: 1 Waterloo Gardens, Milner Square, London, N1 1TY, UK Phone: 020 3 668 9270 Website: www.penrose.org.uk Penrose Options work with a range of people, including many who are recovering from mental health illnesses, along with those with forensic backgrounds and some have a diagnosed personality disorder, among many others. These services provide choice and encourage individuals to take control and responsibility for their lives by giving them the right tools and information to do so. Gill explains the firm’s strategy in ensuring staff provide patients with the best possible service they can. She believes this is the firm’s key differentiator in setting itself apart from competitors, and how it uses this differentiation to its advantage. “Along with my Board, I made the strategic decision to offer our health services to those who have very complex health issues and who challenge other services, often to the extent of being barred or thought of as too high a risk or treatment resistant. One of my staff introduced me to a Psychological Informed Environment framework which we have introduced throughout our charity which ensures our staff are able to deliver services to those with the highest level of need.” GHB17009 Best Social Rehabilitation Services CEO - UK Penrose Options was founded in 1969 and since then the company have supported thousands of offenders and people recovering frommental health issues along their journey to independence. We invitedGill Arukpe to tell usmore about the firmand its overall mission. Commenting on what advice she would give to other women looking to succeed in the healthcare industry, Gill reveals what attributes she believes are vital to reaching the top of a firm within her sector. “Fundamentally, you need to be resilient, brave and believe in anything is possible if you keep trying. A keen eye for opportunity always helps, people should have your eyes and ears out front, make connections and learn from every mistake you make as you will make them.” Looking ahead, Gill reveals her plans for the future, and where she would like to see the company. Funding is high on the agenda for Gill, as she wants the charities she leads to grow, guaranteeing people have access to health care whenever they need it. “Moving forward, for the charities I lead, I plan to achieve a better mix of funding and to continue to deliver services in health that assist and not replace the NHS, enabling it to grow ensuring everyone has access to health care when they need it.”

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