Women in Health Awards 2017

4 GHP / Women in Health 2017 , Lyn started working for the practice in May 2009 following a very successful 23-year stint at a practice in Gorleston, Great Yarmouth. The decision was very hard for Lyn to make, however, as the Senior Partner and her husband were retiring, Lyn felt it was the right time to take the job. Lyn tells us about the work she has done in the industry and attributes some of her success to her team. “Over the past eight years I have worked closely with NHS England and Norwich Clinical Commissioning Group to finalize the building of the practice. Subsequently, two practices were GHB17001 Most Influential Woman in Health Business Management – East Anglia GP Medical Practice of the Year - Norwich Lyn Bostan is currently working as a Business Manager and Non-Clinical Partner at the LionwoodMedical Practice inNorwich, Norfolk, which currently services a practice population of 8,100 patients and has the ability to grow to a serve 12,000 patients. We spoke to Lyn to find out more about her recent success. merged into one new purpose built practice which took place in March 2016. It was not easy and at times, very frustrating, however, looking back over the past 16 months it was really worth every emotion I felt.” “Of course, I could not have done this without my Primary Healthcare Team. I have a great team of predominately female clinicians and administrational staff behind me. I am hoping the practice over time will become integrated in the community delivering healthcare not only to our patients, but to also the local community as a whole.” Discussing some of the challenges that she has faced during her time at the clinic, Lyn observes that part of the struggle is being able to fund the services that she wants to offer. She is also keen to point out that she would like to see women being able to earn more in healthcare generally. “Like many other organisations in the NHS we face our fair share of challenges. The challenges we face are mainly funding of our service delivery. We are a GMS GP Practice and our funding is largely based on our practice list size with other funding streams available by delivering Enhanced Services. The practice staff are all highly skilled individuals who take pride in the delivery of the Contact: Lyn Bostan Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 30a Wellesley Avenue North, Norwich, NR1 4NU, UK Phone: 01603 437559 Web Address: www. lionwoodmedicalpractice.nhs.uk services we provide under the NHS, however I would like to see the financial remuneration rise for women working in healthcare in general.”

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