Women in Health Awards 2017

GHP / Women in Health 2017 5 , Seattle Psych Studio, LLC is a psychological practice primarily utilizing Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) to execute change and achieve personal goals. Clara also uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness, alongside emotional intelligence awareness in her methodology. Thus, Clara has been able to demonstrate proficiency with improving mental health states, performances, and client experiences. Clara describes some of the challenges she has encountered as a woman in the healthcare industry. “As a woman of diverse backgrounds, colleagues seemingly give me less credit than others with similar credentials. I transpire these emotions to working harder via bettering myself, my leadership and expertise. I am always looking to improve and am open to feedback, attend professional trainings and approach things that I am afraid of. Previously, I was anxious about public speaking, but this has now turned into one of strengths.” Looking after the patient is the most important thing in the healthcare industry. Always looking to help them and GHB17003 Most Inspirational Woman in Emotional Dysregulation Treatments – Pacific North West USA Seattle Psych Studio is the private practice of Clara Doctolero, PsyD. Clara has 14 years of extensive experience with treating emotion dysregulation, impulsivity, depression, anger management, and anxiety. We invited her to tell us more about her company and her own view of being a woman in the industry. understand their needs, Clara explains what she believes helps distinguish her company apart from other similar studio’s in the industry. “When dealing with patients, I am customer service focused and use innovative and scalable methods to develop and improve my client’s emotional intelligence in addition to solving other mental health problems. I specialised and have mastery with change, transformative and behavioral analysis. I have strong interpersonal skills and proficiency with evidence-based tools including mindfulness, dialectical behavioural skills, conflict resolution, as well as interpersonal effectiveness strategies. I also respond quickly to new, current, and returning clients.” With regard to her own career, Clara comments on her goals for the future and how she is aiming to reach these. Reaching a global audience and writing books, Clara is seeking businesses who are interested in developing emotional intelligence into their work culture. “Ultimately, my goal is to reach a wide range of people and create an emotionally intelligent world. I am going to do this by obtaining my ICF certification and I plan to offer emotional intelligence coaching to individuals, small and large teams, lectures and eLearning videos.” Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Seattle Psych Studio, 509 Olive Way, Suite 853, Seattle WA, 98101 USA Website: www.seattlepsychstudio.com Website: www.emotionalintelligencetools.com

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