Women in Health Awards 2017

6 GHP / Women in Health 2017 , PHR provides continuous care for its elderly patients, ranging from home health to personal care and hospice care. The team does not transfer out patients to other agencies, as there are different levels of specialized healthcare provided by a variety of professional and ancillary staff within the company. Many members of staff are trained in different clinical specialties to provide different levels of healthcare. The company has been recognized within the home care industry as one of the top 100 home care agencies nationwide. Eileen details her inspiration behind founding the company, highlighting her aspiration to give the best quality healthcare available to all patients and clients. There have also been many challenges which Eileen has had to overcome to reach where she is now, as she describes below, noting how difficult it was leaving her birth country and starting a new company in a foreign country. “Having founded Professional Healthcare Resources 23 years Most Influential Business Leader in Residential Nursing - Washington D.C. Metro Area Professional Healthcare Resources (PHR) is a family-owned and operated company dedicated to helping thousands of Maryland, Virginia, and DC patients improve their quality of life. We spoke to Eileen DeCesare to discuss what makes her and her company so successful. ago, the aim was to provide quality home health care to our elderly patients. I aspired to give them the best quality care in the comfort of their homes. As a woman business entrepreneur, I have had many challenges to break through the glass ceiling. This has been compounded by the fact that I came from another country to the US and have to work twice as hard to prove myself.” Regarding the culture within the company, staff all work as a team towards achieving the same goal. Eileen is an example of how successful woman can be, as she lays out some advice for women looking to reach the top of their industry. “At PHR, the company’s culture is based on the high expectations of delivering the highest quality of care to our patients. We have had many challenges in our professions and our business as we are heavily regulated so it is not just our desire to deliver the highest quality care and to ensure that but to make sure that we comply with regulation, standards of care and ensure best practice. “Ultimately, Women are great in business and women should remember that nothing should stop them for achieving what they set their minds to accomplish. Never put a limit on what you can do because you can do anything you want to do.” GHB17004 Contact: Eileen DeCesare Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 7619 Little River Turnpike, Suite 600, Annandale, VA 22003, USA Phone: 001 703 752 8700 Website: www.phri.com

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