Women in Health Awards 2017

GHP / Women in Health 2017 7 , Natural Fertility Sarl helps clients are in their late 30’s and early to mid-40’s and have been diagnosed with infertility. Many have used multiple rounds of IVF and ICSI without success and are now wanting to address underlying health issues and improve their fertility before proceeding with another round of IVF or trying naturally. Providing the services the company does, the team believe that the issues they faced when starting the business were not just women-based, but that anyone starting a similar journey would have to overcome these journeys. “At Natural Fertility Sarl, our business model is unique and when we started there was no one else offering this service online. As such, the issues we faced were not issues just a woman would face but anyone embarking on this journey. There were lots of learning curves to master to be able to offer the standard of service we do today. The only way forward was one step at the time and continuous learning, patience and perseverance.” Standing out from competitors is something the team believe they do well, highlighting their team work as a key differentiator in the industry. Convenience Fertility Specialist of the Year 2017 - Switzerland Natural Fertility Sarl offer online natural fertility coaching to clients all over the world. The company has been providing this service online for over 10 years. We spoke to the Fertility Coach team to explore the secrets behind their success. is key for patients and clients, something the team alludes to before going on to comment what advice they would give to other women looking to succeed in the healthcare industry, as the team concludes. “Teamwork is key. Our team of fertility coaches and support staff all work closely together to be able to offer quality service to our clients. Our clients can access the program from the convenience of their homes any time of the day, any day a week which is not something that can be offered in a regular clinical setting. GHB17005 Contact: Fertility Coach Team Contact Email: [email protected] Website: www.natural-fertility- prescription.com , www.fertility-coach.com “Finally, you need to love what you do and be truly passionate about your niche. Help your clients as best you can by reading and learning. Also, be interested in your clients and truly listen to what they are saying to be able to understand them and help them. Work models which are family friendly are much needed and equal pay for equal work is also needed. Couples should not delay starting families because of their careers. Careers need to make room for families and with all this wonderful technology available to us, this is now possible.”

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