Women in Health Awards 2017

GHP / Women in Health 2017 9 , The Relaxing Wellness Company of Calgary is a new style of healers who introduce heart- centered beings to look and feel their best naturally utilizing alternative wellness modalities and education. Jocelyn outlines the healthcare industry currently, explaining how her firm makes sure the client is always put first. “The client always comes first here at the Relaxing Wellness Company. If there is no instrument to substantiate a clients’ claim or a study to validate the clients’ experience, then the clients’ truth can be completely discounted. Therapists need to move towards understanding the clients’ experience. We have introduced a greater possibility in wellness by creating a space of healing where clients are completely looked after in the way of a multi-faceted referral system. Removing our ego from the treatments has enabled us to embrace all methods of healing.” Drawing on her experience, Jocelyn notes that her parents always strongly encouraged her to continue in education. This support has led to her success today and has helped Jocelyn develop her skills and run a very successful company. “My sports fitness and therapy background provided me with a gateway to use homeopathic GHB17007 Massage Therapist of the Year 2017 - South Alberta The RelaxingWellness Company of Calgary is your answer towhole bodywellness.We spoke to JocelynRunquist to find out the secrets behind her success. medicine for athletic performance and recovery. My practice evolved and expanded into more complex and difficult cases unrelated to athletics. I consistently continued my education to advance my abilities and have an educator role at the studio. Regarding what advice she would give to other women looking to succeed in business and the healthcare industry, Jocelyn notes that family is important, as well as surrounding themselves with experts, respect for colleagues and being consistent. Contact Email: [email protected] Address: 32, 20 Douglas Woods Drive. SE. Calgary, Alberta, T2Z 1K4, Canada Phone: 001 403 266 4535 Website: www.relaxingwellness.ca “Ultimately, for women to achieve in this industry, I would recommend they build a strong family since it provides the foundation to success in all areas. They should hire experts for business building such as; branding, web management, bookkeeping and mentorship. Our business success is a direct result of the deep respect and understanding we have for each other as Practitioners and as humans. Finally, provide consistency. Many of our business core values are the same as my family core values, meaning that we are consistent in the community and with each other: Gratitude-Integrity- Freedom-Team Work-Superior Service-Love.” Image by Monique de St. Croix

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