With the battle against coronavirus dominating today’s public discourse, preventing the spread of sickness is everyone’s top concern. Efforts to flatten the curve have entailed drastic lifestyle changes worldwide, and some of these adjustments are having unexpected health impacts completely unrelated to the viral respiratory illness. To avoid losing focus of your wellness, keep these five elements of fitness in mind:

1. Diet

A sudden overhaul of daily routines can inadvertently lead to shifts in eating habits. It’s easy to lose sight of nutritional needs, and consistency is challenging to maintain given the loss of structure in our lives. Thus, it takes extra effort to ensure proper caloric intake alongside key vitamins and minerals. A reduction in activity due to stay-at-home orders might also lead to weight gain if no off-setting dietary changes are made.

2. Mental Health

Our minds are under a lot of extra weight right now, so self-care is critical these days. Isolation can foster depression for almost anyone, but it can exacerbate existing mental health issues for vulnerable individuals, and the youth are particularly susceptible to this phenomenon. Thus, addiction is likely to spike in response to the increased social and economic pressures, and resources may dwindle in response. In normal times, there wouldn’t be any barriers to accessing treatment for adolescent and teen substance abuse and similar services for adults. However,.during the current lockdown, there are limitations on the services that can be provided. On the bright side, video technology has made virtual therapy sessions much more widespread, so help may be available online.

3. Exercise

Public gyms may be closed, but that shouldn’t be an excuse to give up on your physique. There are plenty of ways to stay in shape, so choose a new hobby like jogging, hiking, or cycling. Athletic pursuits can also provide an efficient outlet for letting off steam and venting energy productively during this historically stressful pandemic. Online yoga classes present beneficial opportunities to stay balanced and mindful. There may also be enough extra time in your schedule to master a new style of martial arts.

4. Sleep

If COVID-19 has you feeling restless, then you are not alone. There are widespread reports of increased insomnia cases in regions under a heavy lockdown. The uncertainty that we’re all facing is compounded by fear and loneliness, and this can make a restful slumber feel practically impossible. Tossing and turning all night can lead to deleterious effects in the day. A recurring loss of sleep can ultimately facilitate physical deterioration and cognitive decline, so it’s smart to devise some new methods for getting some shut-eye. Herbal teas and CBD supplements may be helpful in this regard, and they are certainly safer than most sleep aids.

5. Skincare

Surprisingly, skincare is one aspect of our health that has the potential to completely fall by the wayside these days. With the excessive use of sanitizer, people are noticing increased dryness that leads to serious cracks and wrinkles. Moisturizing is a very critical activity to counter this trend. Meanwhile, some folks are dealing with skin sensitivity issues due to face masks, and a heightened exfoliating regimen should complement the precautionary adornments.

Final Note

The great irony of Coronavirus is that it has everyone hyper-aware of one health concern to the point they start neglecting a whole host of other vital health needs. With the aforementioned strategies, you can maintain your fitness while still proactively doing your part to stop COVID-19.