MINDiet Hungary LLC (MINDiet) offers award-winning holistic health programmes, for which it has recently received the award for Leading Provider of Holistic Health Programmes 2023 – Europe. The team at MINDiet help individuals that need to change their lifestyle for the sake of their health and quality of life.

Losing physic balance has a negative effect on people’s mind and body. Over time the body begins to show signs of a health decline, and in severe cases people suffer from consequent disabilities. As a result, their mental health is affected and it can seem like a never-ending battle, but it isn’t – it can get better. That is where MINDiet comes in with the aim to build a successful and long-term sustainable lifestyle for its clients to help them thrive again. 

MINDiet uses network science and behavioural science to provide each client with the right tools to bring forward life changing results. Its programme helps them achieve results in 4-9 months, however it may be extended depending on the individual’s circumstances. Regardless, they are only expected to complete 1-2 hours of activity per week, and the team works closely with all clients to help them adjust into healthy living.

People find themselves in these situations due to habits chosen years prior without knowing what it could lead to. The team at MINDiet want to provide clients with another chance at building a life that they are motivated and excited to wake up to. The Director, Roland Kasek shares, “Clients more than often report higher decisional awareness, increased overall motivation and realistic pacing of health-goals, personal success and internalized self-acknowledgment, improved coping and solution- focus, improved self-esteem and self-acceptance.”

In the last nine years, MINDiet has developed its own working models and frameworks, diagnostic process, and triage system, which allows it to continuously monitor the physiological and psychological factors of all clients. It is able to have access to data such as lab results, blood pressure, body composition, and metabolic age. Having real time access to its client’s status allows the team at MINDiet to adjust their health behaviours throughout the programme. This means clients will be guided in a journey that is tailored specifically to ensure that they are on the right path towards reaching their health goals.

When the changes in lifestyle have been implemented for long enough, the body quickly starts to show signs of improvement. Roland adds, “Clients’ medical report indicates reduced inflammation, normalised blood pressure, improved metabolism, improved sleep, high compliance and adherence to – and often consequent cessation of – medication.”

MINDiet has been able to succeed in helping clients incorporate a heathy lifestyle thanks to its approach. The mind is a powerful tool, and MINDiet is able to show clients how capable they were to begin with. You could just be a decision away from changing your life – To find out more, check out MINDiet’s website and get in touch!