Based in the heart of Manchester city centre, there lies a secret gem of a clinic that provides luxury non-surgical treatments designed to accentuate and enhance your beauty. My Cosmetic Clinic is a state-of-the-art aesthetic and beauty clinic that offers a broad range of non-surgical aesthetic treatments in a safe and comfortable facility. The clinic has been named Manchester’s Leading Luxury Non-Surgical Treatments Clinic – 2020 in this issue of Global Health and Pharma Magazine, so join us as we profile it to find out more about what it offers to those in search of aesthetic perfection.

My Cosmetic Clinic is the definition of a luxury aesthetic clinic that offer some of the best and most innovative aesthetic treatments available in the world today. In the heart of Manchester, the clinic offers aesthetic treatments for all aspects of a person’s body, as well as cosmetic surgery consultations. It is a haven of beauty that can offer the best of both worlds when it comes to aesthetic and surgical treatment options. There are a great many reasons why someone may choose to consider aesthetic surgery, but everyone wants to look their best and these procedures can help individuals achieve the look they want. Rejuvenating the face and body, My Cosmetic Clinic offers a broad range of the newest technology equipment, including some of the safest and best lasers in the world, as well as the latest in digital facial scanning and analysis.

Since its foundation, the clinic has been led by Mr Deemesh Oudit, a leading consultant and plastic surgeon in the North West of England. Mr Oudit has garnered a wealth of extensive experience throughout his career in the worlds of both surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments, and he is backed by an equally experienced team of cosmetic surgery coordinators, beauty consultants, plastic surgeons, and a consultant dermatologist. Every member of staff at My Cosmetic Clinic is completely committed and dedicated to providing every patient with the highest quality services, and aims to achieve nothing but excellence in patient care and safety. The services and treatments are aimed at enhancing and accentuating the beauty of every person that walks through the door, rather than seek to transform them into someone that they are not. Each person is beautiful, and enhancing that beauty is the primary goal of My Cosmetic Clinic and Mr Oudit.

Having any work done can be a daunting and intimidating thought, but it does not need to be. Rather than be fearful of what may come, patients can consult with Mr Oudit and his team to allay any fears about the procedures that can be carried out. Furthermore, for those that do not like the idea of surgical treatments, there is hope in the form of the title that My Cosmetic Clinic has achieved today. We at Global Health and Pharma have recognised the luxurious range of non-surgical treatments that the clinic provides, and they are truly wonderful. As well as the wealth of surgical treatments that the clinic can offer to patients, there is a myriad of non-surgical treatments that can leave patients feeling just as beautiful and confident.

There are medical aesthetic treatments in the arena of dermatology, laser treatments, and aesthetic work that can enhance the beauty already on the surface of every patient that walks through the door. Each treatment can be personalised as well, as My Cosmetic Clinic does not believe in guessing when it comes to patients’ appearances. Each patient that chooses to undergo facial treatments is invited to undergo complimentary digital facial analysis in the facial analysis laboratory, using a state-of-the-art scanner. This allows the team to personalise a facial treatment based on sophisticated analysis. My Cosmetic Clinic does not believe in guesswork.

In essence, the luxury of the clinic lies in its ability to be able to make every patient feel right at ease from the get-go. They have every question, concern, and query answered in a comprehensive manner, and the treatments themselves leave the patients feeling luxurious and unique. They are beautiful, and they can have that beauty well and truly enhanced by the services provided at My Cosmetic Clinic.

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