Personal Health & Social Care

Patient Safety Improvements
There has been over 20,000 fewer deaths than expected in hospitals across Scotland.
Scotland�s NHS Better Prepared for Winter
The NHS in Scotland is in a better position at the beginning of winter 2016.
New Strategy to Enhance Looked After Children Services
New plans for looked after children will improve services.
Committee Inquiry Finds Barriers to Palliative care must be Removed
MSPs found that palliative care is more readily available for those with a diagnosis of cancer.
Wide Inequalities in Health and life Expectancies Revealed
Wide inequalities exist not only between the most and least deprived areas of England.
Invest more in Social care Stresses open Letter
The letter was distributed to the national press by the charity.
Simply Irresistible � How Cranberry Could Help in the Fight to Defeat Antibiotic Resistance
Now it is generally accepted that we are approaching crisis point as bacteria ' Escherichia coli especially ' become ever
Early Use of Eye Drops Could Help Hay Fever Sufferers
If the first sniff of spring brings with it the misery of itchy, watery eyes then you need to act