Personal Health & Social Care

Medical insurance
Health should be everyone’s priority, but most people don’t consider medical insurance a crucial investment. Not everyone is keen on
Work Injury
Typically, workers who have been hurt and injured on the job may suffer from a variety of consequences. Whether it’s
Period pain
Period pains can be incredibly debilitating, upsetting and down right inconvenient. According to intimate wellbeing brand INTIMINA’s resident gynaecologist Dr.
Parents and Baby
Becoming a parent for the first time can be a rather daunting experience. From nappy changes to dummies and potty
Patient satisfaction is one of the cornerstones of any healthcare institution seeking to uphold and advance the quality of their
Adjusting to life after you have given birth comes with its challenges. Other than having your newborn to take care
As we’re spending more time inside our homes, many of us are starting our own refurbishment projects. We’re making our
Digital Detox
The past year has redefined the meaning of ‘busy doing nothing’. Between lockdowns, cancelled holidays, and exercise limitations, people have
Patient care
High-quality patient care is essential for any private practice. There are many elements that go into patient care, from the
Employee Burnout
Although progressive-minded employers might try to mitigate employee burnout by ensuring fair treatment at work, only giving them as much
It goes without saying that the past 12 months have been like no other. Many of us have spent more
You probably already know that working out and eating well can help your body. But it also has other advantages,