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GHP News is proud to announce the return of the Private Healthcare Awards, now in its third year, the Private Healthcare awards aim to celebrate all the companies and individuals that have allowed the industry to become as strong as it is now.

The award programme is designed to allow you to have the chance to talk about your experience in the Private Healthcare industry and how it has helped strengthen the overall healthcare industry.

Private healthcare has shown to have many benefits over Public healthcare Including reduced waiting times for treatments as well as a higher quality of overall care. By taking part in the GHP Private Healthcare Awards you will have the chance to showcase any past work you have done & the extraordinary services you offer. This is a great way for you to boost staff morale by showing employees and yourself that the hard work & dedication you have shown has not gone unnoticed.

Here at GHP News we take pride in the fact that we accept nominations from everyone who works in the industry regardless of size & no matter where they are based in the world. This allows us to make sure all sized firms have the chance to receive the recognition they deserve. We have many Categories within the Healthcare Sector that companies can be nominated for.

If you do go on to be successful in the Private Healthcare Awards, this will be a great way to showcase your firm and your achievement. They can either be digital or physical making sure you can market your firm in any way you choose. Winning an award is a perfect way to showcase to your potential future clients that you are a key player within the sector while also giving you the edge over your competitors.

Like all our awards here at GHP News they strictly merit-based, meaning you can be assured that your achievement will be well deserved. When deciding on winners each company will go through an extensive research and judging phase. This will ensure that only the most deserving of organisations will be awarded in their respected categories.

If you have any questions regarding our process please feel free to contact us via email, social media or telephone. If you know of any or belong to a business entity in the Private Healthcare awards, follow the links below to take part in the Private Healthcare Awards.

To view our 2019 winners supplement, click the cover below!

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