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Q1 2019

March 6, 2019

The healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors rely on innovation to prepare for the challenges of the future. They rely on constant adaptation and development, showcasing a chameleonic ability to change to the demand and needs of the market and sector. This distinguishes them from other industries, where constant development is not quite as integral to day to day operations. Innovation is, by all regards, the lifeblood of life sciences.

First up in the issue is Clyz Labs. Founded in 2017, Clyz Labs utilises cutting edge technological innovations to spearhead their work in lung cancer research. Following the lab’s recognition in GHP’s 2018 Life Sciences programme, we spoke with Dr Himanshu Kataria, CEO and Managing Director of Clyz Labs, to find out more. 

Elsewhere, Jan De Caluwe, a leading Implantologist in Antwerp, Belgium, offered insight into the sector’s immediate future. Recent years have triggered a paradigm shift in the industry, as it looks set to embrace the latest technological and operational advancements. 

Here at GHP Magazine, we hope that you enjoy reading this quarter’s issue and look forward to hearing from you soon. 

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