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The Technology Awards returns for its second year, allowing GHP magazine to reward the hardworking individuals and firms working in this demanding sector for their innovation and excellence in their business practice as well as their outstanding overall performance.

Technology is one of the most important aspects in healthcare today. Continuous advances in the field has saved so many lives and improved the lives of many more. Improvements in such technology allows us to spot health problems before they become an issue, prevent many diseases, help patients recover quicker as well as making healthcare more affordable and accessible. 

Taking part in the Technology Awards is the perfect way to showcase your new technologies and innovations to an audience of top level CEOs and healthcare professionals as well as showing your employees that their efforts are valued by the organisation whilst also providing the public with evidence of your successes as a business. Notifying stakeholders of your participation in our programme indicates that your business is garnering the attention of third parties, and that your work or your expertise, customer service or products offered are creating a buzz within the industry.

From medical devices, apps and implants to 3-D printing, medical software and virtual reality, the past few years have seen some incredible advances in our capability to help those in need. The Technology Awards welcomes nominations from all manufacturers, suppliers and developers working in the industry and will highlight those companies who are found to be driving the innovation and competition within their sectors, ensuring that the most deserving businesses get to stand in the spotlight this year.

Winning a Technology Award provides you with the evidence you need to prove, beyond doubt, that you stand apart from the competition. Enhancing your victory with visual reminders, allows for the promotion of your brand to extend even further, which in turn can attract talented new employees, looking to work for the best and new clients and customers looking to work with the best.

As mentioned, our programme is open to all businesses operating in this industry, we also encourage those companies and organisations, who facilitate the growth and development of this business community, to join the programme and allow for their efforts in making certain an equitable opportunity exists for these new and innovative endeavours to thrive.

Our awards are based solely on merit, rather than the number of votes received. Our process works to ensure that we reward parties based on their excellence in the industry, the quality of their products and their dedication to service.

So if you know of any company or organisation you feel is deserving of a nomination in this prestigious award, please leave their details in the voting form below. We can also accept self-nominations so please feel free to nominate your own organisation.


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